Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Challenge

So we have a weekly challenge in my favorite place to get away so Ashley and I decided we will pick our 3 Favorite and post our own each week So I shall commence with the weekly challenge
Jennifer's Minus Clean Up Sorry!
Ashley's Pick Taylor McDonnell
Jennifer's Pick Shadows NailArt (Caroline)
Ashley's Pick Kayla Murphy
Jennifer's Pick Rebecca Chafe
Ashley's pick Briana White
Jennifer's Pick Brie Chavez 
Ladies if we picked you  and you have a blog please comment below with your blog so I can put your blog links up and Congrats Ladies we LOVE your Mani's

This weeks Challenge is Splatter Mani's and I am super excited to try this again my first attempt was a fail so I will work on this until I have a EPIC splatter mani and Ashley and I cannot wait to share our Mani's with you ladies and we hope that you ladies enjoy them as much as we LOVE picking them

Nail Mail From Friday and Saturday

Hey I haven't exactly been feeling very well but here is my Nail Mail from Lori Hamm and Hong Kong on Friday and Lori Shadow on Saturday!!! 
So, Enjoy
 From Lori Hamm ORLY Here Comes Trouble
Its my own personal mission to own every green glitter ever made I love them all and This was 8.75 at the CVS by my place and I got it from Lori for 2.00 and 2.00 shipping definantly came out ahead
 My 500 Black Rhinestones from Ebay for 1.70 the dealer is best findings and they got here a couple if days after the other rhinestones I got from Ebay
I also got 2 free 4mm Rhinestones that i have no idea what I will do with any suggestions?

I got these from Lori Shadow they are Funky Fingers Crackles
they are Gold Scales anf Fuschia Scales
I am so excited I love the crackles and have a couple other brands a china glaze that I loved and a sally hansen that I was not impressed with it just doesnt crackle do you ladies have any suggestions??

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Todays Nail Mail

 Fresh From The Mail Mans Hands
 The Whole Shebang
 From Tara Maioriello Beetle and Matte Top Coat Tara and I are Engaged ya'll see the pretty purple bling
From Brie Chavez China Glaze Spontaneous Sinful Colors Frenzy Spacey Traci Pink Diamond 24k Gold and Daze
It looked so fun I put a coat of Spacey Traci over my LOVELY Lavender and it's perrrrty

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I got some Rhinestones I got some Rhinestones!!! I added to LOVELY Lavender

 I got these off of Ebay from dealer art-la-lic in a buy it now for 2.99 case and all it took about 10 days for these to come its 3000 rhinestones and the plastic separator case so not bad seeing as I saw a little measly one at sally's for 10.00
Top Row L-R: Red, Light Purple, Dark Blue, Hot Pink, Dark Purple, & Dark Green
Bottom Row L-R: Silver, Gold, Bright Pink, Light Green, Light Pink, & Light Blue
I also ordered 500 black rhinestones for 1.70 which I have yet to recieve but it was shipped a day or 2 later so I expect it to arrive a day or 2 later
 My Left Hand
My Right Hand I think right came out cuter 
I am so excited for all my rhinestones!!!

Also, I wanted to put out there that Ashley and I will be hosting our first fabulous giveaway which were both super excited about It will include some great prizes and we will be hosting it once we reach 150 followers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So these are just a few remider pics this is DAY 1 of my 
Lovely Lavender Mani

I am very very happy with how my nails have not chipped my pointer finger on my ring finger was injured in play hehe I knicked my finger nail while shaving and it made my finger nail short and chipped the paint a little but, surprisingly not noticable
 Left Hand
Right Hand

Usually I peel my manis I know I know it's not good for your nails but once it's chipped I can't resist and I have to admit I have attempted to peel some back but....
I cant hehe it just won't come up which makes me very happy so far overall I am very happy with 
Dr.'s REMEDY LOVELY Lavender 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dr.'s REMEDY *NEW* Summer Collection Swatches and Partial Review

Dr.'s REMEDY is a line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that is dedicated to using clean, hypo-allergenic ingredients. Enriched with naturally occurring anti fungal ingredients like tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, vitamins C and E, and wheat protein, Dr.'s REMEDY Enriched  Nail Polish is free from harsh toxins to promote healthier, stronger nails and the first-ever nail polish on the market approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association
This one is my Favorite Color and for the most part all of them were opaque within 3 coats.
Now on to the Swatches!!!
 GLEE Gold No Flash 3 Coats
 GLEE Gold with Flash
I have been wanting a pretty gold like this and it really is pretty in real life I can't wait to wear this color more
 NURTURE Nude Pink  No Flash
 NURTURE Nude Pink with Flash
This was the only one I really had a issue with it took 5 coats just to get the pretty color you see here in the bottle there is a light pink shimmer but it doesn't really show up on my nail which makes me very sad because it is such a pretty soft pink
 BOLD Baby Blue with Flash 2 Coats
 BOLD Baby Blue No Flash
This color is so FREAKING FUN on the nails it so bright and shiny and its kinda like a metallic baby blue 
 TRANQUIL Tangerine with Flash
 TRANQUIL Tangerine No Flash 
This Bright Orange is also another very fun color very summery I would pair it with a matching bikini and some makeup and drive all the boys wild!!!
 LOVELY Lavender No Flash
 LOVELY Lavender with Flash
So this will be my manicure until it starts to chip and look crazy I am excited to see how long they last before it's time to take it off of my nails, this LOVELY Lavender is by far my favorite color out of all them it's really pretty and I think the color is soft yet so bold like I said by far my favorite!!

Overall I really like this line of polishes and I would love to try more they also have nineteen other vibrant fun looking colors that I am excited to try. My guy absolutely hates the smell of nail lacquer and he said he didn't even know I was painting my nails which is a very good thing and hopefully my super cute Lavender Mani holds up with out chipping!!

What makes Dr.'s Remedy unique is that it doesn't contain toxic ingredients and it's enriched with naturally-occurring elements like tea-tree oil and garlic bulb extract; wheat protein and Vitamins C and E. These enriching ingredients strengthen and protect your nails against fungus, discoloration, cracking and brittleness- problems that cab be cause by the chemicals found in commercial formaldehyde, toluene and DBP meaning it's 3Free and it's safe for pregnant woman so that means pretty mani's for all you expecting mothers!!!
Dr.'s REMEDY also carry treatments such as a Caress Enriched Cuticle Oil and Hydration Hydrating Treatment  and even REMEDY Remover Enriched Non-Acetone Polish Remover

You ladies can get your own Dr.'s REMEDY Nail Polishes for $17 at

Thank You Debbie for the opportunity to review and try your product and I am very excited to try some other colors and the treatments and I will be updating on how my pretty lavender mani holds up

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What A Busy Day For The Exotic Lacquer

Holy Moly Donut Shop!!!! 
Not just one but TWO different posts today! I say me and my Blog Buddy Ashley have alot to share with you today and theres only more to come I have some swatches that I can't wait to do I just need to go outside or to the dining room to paint my nails because the smell can be overwhelming especially since I paint my nails over and over till I'm satisfied and just let me add I'm neverf satisfied.....

 This is my Nail Mail from Laurie Nievin Polish Thinner and one of her LOVELY homemade frankenings
 See the Holoie Goodness it's called
Jenni When She Smiles 
and she also sent me some holo glitter 
I think Wisconsin USPS thought Miss Laurie was up to know good sending ziploc baggies full of fine powder but little do they know she was just making a young woman who LOVES GLITTER extremely happy

I was sent these from Dr.'s Remedy to swatch and review and Im very excited the colors look very promising and this will be followed by to different swatch post as I recieved two Nail Mails Today

Dusty Hunting

I went dusty hunting today for the first time and it was quite the experience...I might share it with you some time but right now I am exhausted! I had just enough energy to post pictures of the ones I have for sale...Check them out on Facebook or if the link doesn't work just shoot me an email.

Hope everyone is having a good day and staying cool!

Email address:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally a Manicure Post!

Okay ladies I finally have an actual nail post for you WITH pictures! I know…I surprised myself also. I have been thinking about this color combo for a couple of days now which must have been a sign because it turned out wonderful:) I love it! Let’s get to the pictures because we all know that is the most important part…

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet with Boom Boom NAILED IT over top. BBNI was a franken sent to me by a wonderful lady Laurie…She makes amazing frankens and this one is based off of Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow. As the name says, Laurie NAILED IT! It is a perfect match and quickly became my favorite layering polish…Thanks Laurie!

Not sure what you all think but I like the Xtreme Wear polish, mostly because it is fairly cheap with a large color selection. I only had slight bubbling but that is 100% my fault. I shook the heck out of the Mint Sorbet and applied pretty thick because I was watching TV…Say Yes To The Dress sucks me in everytime…

Hope you all enjoy…the manicure that is and not the fact that my hands are freakishly while and alien-like...cross my heart it is just the flash and not a lack of sunlight...

Ashley Marie

Painting Rainbows Giveaway Cause She Loves Us

Insanely Long Post...Brace Yourself...

Okay fellow polish lovers I am back for another post! Sorry I have been away for awhile:( Work has been hectic and I had a family health emergency that took up most of my time and brain power so I haven’t really been on track….butttt…..I am back and things are finally slowing down!

Okay on to the nail/beauty talk because I know that is what you all read this blog for…trust me, I’m on to all of you:)

Two days ago I had one of my favorite color combos on…OPI Planks A Lot with OPI Last Friday Night on top. One word: GORG…okay that is not a word but it is my go to adjective for anything that I classify as beyond pretty:) Anyways, it is one of my favorite color combos and on top of that it was an awesome paint job. Do you ever have those days/nights when you finish your manicure and you literally yell out loud “Geeze, I am awesome!”…well that is what happened at 12:56 am on Tuesday night…needless to say I was thoroughly impressed by my painting prowess at that moment. So I went to bed really happy, with my freshly painted tips nested preciously and delicately upon my stomach, ready to take on the next day.

Fast-forward 10 hours when I wake from my coma (it is summer vacation and I need my beauty sleep) and the beginning of the end began. You see I am a cheap college student so lets just say I am not sleeping on fine Egyptian cotton…more like borderline burlap. My SV topcoat let me down for the first time and I had a smudge on my left pointer finger (which is my favorite finger by the way). Now I can’t entirely blame it on the top coat…I didn’t really let it dry at all, I just went to bed…and I sleep with my hands and face completely wrapped in blankets so it was inevitable. No big deal though, I can just fix it I thought…so 5 minutes later all is good with the world again.

Fast-forward 1 hour and once again tragedy strikes. This time in the form of French’s Spicy Brown Mustard…which is the best condiment in the world besides sour cream (which in my world is a condiment). I was trying to open the top, which gives me troubles every time, and I chip my right middle and ring finger. After a mini meltdown I calmly tell myself it is not big deal and move on…in reality I had no time to fix it because I was getting ready to head home with the boyfriend to see our families but that is just a minor detail in this story.

Fast-forward 24 hours and we are now at yesterday afternoon and all is forgotten about the nail drama I suffered in the past hours. I am laying on a blow up pool raft with my mother soaking in some rays (okay, really just complaining about how hot it was…I’m not the fresh air, outdoors type) and I look down and all my fingers are peeling up…OMG…really. I about lost it…literally. I might have even fallen off the raft, gotten my hair wet, and threw a fit…okay being dramatic again. I blame it on the fact that my mom loads that pool down with chlorine because A. I have two younger teenage brothers or B. my dog and my brother’s dog love to swim. So I just peeled everything off and vowed to forget about the dreadful manicure, only to blog about it at the first chance I got…lucky you.

Okay now that I am done complaining and whining about things that were probably my fault lets get on to the real reason for this post. I am here today to provide you with a go-to guide of all things that will ruin your manicure. Some of you might notices some of these things on this list, and others will completely blow your mind…either way you will know what to be on the lookout for next time you paint a beautiful manicure only to have it messed up…let us begin…


I am a total condiment person, except for ketchup with is weird. I have always been a dunker/condiment user and some of my favorites are ranch dressing, mustard, sour cream, caesar dressing, mayonnaise, and butter (seafood, hello). Opening these bottles however have always caused me headaches…90% of the time, my ruined manicures come from these dreaded bottles but I just can’t stay away from them...

Solution: Nix the condiments with flip tops or hire a butler to open them for you…

Bedding/Blankets/Bed Nonsense

(Okay this isn't my bedding but I want it bad...I am hoping the boyfriend reads this and gets the hint that our anniversary is coming up)

I am human so therefore I require sleep…I do not however require the mass of pillows, blankets, and quilts on my bed…it is a comfort thing I think. This is another manicure destroyer, but not only that, also a pedicure destroyer. I hate nothing more to wake up in the morning to a ruined pedicure due to blankets…maybe I just know that I’m going to have to fix it and I’m not that flexible so pedicures are few and far between…

Solution: Sleep standing up in a space chamber or let your manicure/pedicure dry longer crazy…

Pool/Any Body of Water

(My parent's pool and the reason for the extra chlorine..and I let those two sleep in bed with me...)

This is pretty self explanatory…especially when lots of chlorine are involved. You just have to decide whether the fun is worth losing your mani…I feel that it is…unless your are incessantly being held under water by your younger yet much stronger brothers. One positive is that the polish comes off in perfect nail shaped pretties…

Solution: Ducktape rubber gloves or latex gloves onto your hands and swim your heart out…

Doing someone’s nails

(This particular manicure ruined a GORG water marble was worth it momma is usually a good sport when I want to paint her nails)

Maybe this is just me but everytime I do someone else’s nail mine get ruined. Maybe this is just because I am not a professional, but it never fails. I always either get this polish of choice on my nails or while cleaning up their mani, some rouge acetone sneaks onto my tips. Pure torture because I want to blame the person receiving the manicure but that is just rude because really, it is my fault…

Solution: Be better at giving manicure/pedicures or just say NO when asked…


(These bad boys are the bane of my existence...)

This is going to sound nuts but work kills my nails…and I really don’t do anything. I work at CVS Pharmacy as a pharmacy tech but they way my nails look like after work you would think I was building houses with my bare hands. In reality I open bottles, count pills, then put them in another bottle. All the work done at a pharmacy is in the brain and even then not much is required. But however, it never fails, everyday when I get home I usually have touching up to do. I blame it on the foil covering new medications…darn pharmaceutical companies.

Solution: Quit your job and find a sugar daddy so you never have to work again…obviously…

Okay so ends this hugely long post...wake up ladies it is over…next time I cross my heart there will be an actual mani…I am working on something epic. Okay being dramatic again…See you soon:)

Ashley Marie