Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Challenge

So we have a weekly challenge in my favorite place to get away so Ashley and I decided we will pick our 3 Favorite and post our own each week So I shall commence with the weekly challenge
Jennifer's Minus Clean Up Sorry!
Ashley's Pick Taylor McDonnell
Jennifer's Pick Shadows NailArt (Caroline)
Ashley's Pick Kayla Murphy
Jennifer's Pick Rebecca Chafe
Ashley's pick Briana White
Jennifer's Pick Brie Chavez 
Ladies if we picked you  and you have a blog please comment below with your blog so I can put your blog links up and Congrats Ladies we LOVE your Mani's

This weeks Challenge is Splatter Mani's and I am super excited to try this again my first attempt was a fail so I will work on this until I have a EPIC splatter mani and Ashley and I cannot wait to share our Mani's with you ladies and we hope that you ladies enjoy them as much as we LOVE picking them


  1. I loved all the manis this week! Great job ladies!

  2. aww, my nails are on the interwebs. lol

  3. YAY!!! This is great! I love that youre doing this!! <3

  4. thanks! i think you already know my link but here you go haha

  5. Haha yea rebecca indeed I do lol
    Briana be excired very very excited

  6. Thank you for choosing mine. :) and congratulations to the other ladies.
    My link is

  7. *does the excited dance* Oh I am.
    my blog is

  8. Thank!!!! I love all the pick and I am honored to be on your blog!

  9. They were all fantastic this week. Great job ladies!