Sunday, July 22, 2012

Long Time No Post.....

Hi Everyboddddyyyyyy!!!!
I have been such a slacker and I am so so so sorry!!! I have just been so stressed out and ready to punch things :( But, I am working through that and am finally excited to be blogging again. 
Well, today it was raining ALOT and I mean alot I was just coming from Sally's Beauty Supply where I picked up 2 of the ChinaGlaze glitter crackles (on sale) and Turned Up Turquoise as well as some nail wheels so I can practice without wasting polish!!
So, today for you lovelies I have one of the Essie Mirror Metallics topped with Sticks and Stones as well as a Essie and Maybelline comparison...
 Today is a rainy day 
 Essie No Place Like Chrome with Flash

 Essie No Place Like Chrome No Flash

 No Flash

 With Flash
I decided to top it off with  Coverbands Sticks and Stones and I just have to say I loooooveee this combo!!
Ok, so here is how the Essie Mirrored Metallic compare to the Maybelline ColorShow Metallic
From Left to Right 
Essie No Place Like Chrome, Maybelline Petal to the Metal, Essie Good as Gold, Maybelline Bold Gold, Essie Blue Rhapsody, Maybelline Navy Narcissist, Essie Nothing Else Metals, Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze, and Essie Penny Talk 
All of them are one coat with the exception of both the Essie's and Maybelline's golds they are both 2 coats or they would of been streaky. I am loving how they will look stamped with each other and can't wait to try... 
I think they will be PERFECT for stamping

I was shopping today and found another Maybelline Metallic in Blue Blowout so here is a shot to compare Maybelline Color Show Blue Blowout and Essie Mirrored Metallic Blue Rhapsody
Blue Blowout  is on the left and Blue Rhapsody is on the right

I promise to show my face more I am less stressed out with life so I can't wait to get back to doing what I love!!

I am planning a giveaway because my blog is a year old so I am trying to think of something fantastic 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Poison Ivy

So, as requested by Jennifer, I did the Poison Ivy look. It actually came out being more versatile than I thought. You could wear this for a fairy costume, or a jungle look, or even if you wanted to be some form of whimsical Eve. Anyway, I took spirit gum (You can find it at any costume store) and applied it to my skin. Then took some ordinary leaves (I cut some off my fake flowers) and pressed them where I applied the spirit gum. (You kind of have to work fast, spirit gum will dry relatively quick) After that, and this should have been my first step because trying to work around the leaves was a pain, but I applied a bright green around my entire eyes followed by a darker green in the crease. After that, I applied a hot pink to my brow bone and above the darker green. As for the lips, I put some clear lip gloss on, then lined my lips in dark green shadow, feathering it towards the middle. After that, I applied bright pink lipstick to finish it off. And there you have it! The look is complete! Not as time consuming as Batman, but still pretty fun to do.

What/Who should I do next? :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who's afraid of the big, bad bat?

Alright, lovelies. This is what I've been doing recently lol. I've been doing a series of makeup based off some things. Right now, it's Batman!

This mask was actually incredibly time consuming! I outlined the bat logo in white liner, then went over it with  my black NYX felt tip liner. After that, I put the yellow over my entire lid, brow and under. For under, to get it semi even, I seriously just followed the bags under my eyes. Weird, I know, but it worked! After that, I colored in the rest of the mask using my black NYX jumbo pencil. Then patted that down with simple black eye shadow. I blended the black into the yellow and added eye liner. Then used a baby wipe (MUCH better and cheaper than makeup remover wipes) to crisp up the lines and....FINISHED! lol doesn't sound like a lot of steps, but trust me...It took so much time lol

Who would you guys like to see next from Batman?
         *Cat Woman
         * The Joker
         * The Riddler
         * Poison Ivy
         * Penguin

I've already done Harle Quinn, so I'll put that one up next when I can find the picture -____-....Until then!