Thursday, September 29, 2011

My First Post and some awesome ManGlaze!

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa, I met Jen on Facebook and we became friends. She recently asked if anyone she knew would be interested in being a contributer on her blog, and I jumped at the chance! I had a blog for a little while but closed it because I couldn't dedicate the time needed to it. So this is the perfect arrangement because I only need to post once or twice a week.
I am 28 years old, and am Married with 2 kids, an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I stay at home with them right now, but next September I will be starting school to be a hair stylist. It's what I've always wanted to do, and I'll finally be able to do it! I've been a little obsessed with nail polish for a while now, so I'm glad to be able to put that obsession somewhere, and share it with others!

Anyways, on to the good stuff! I recently placed an order for some ManGlaze Nail polish and got it almost right away! I ordered on Wednesday night at about 10:30pm PST and my order came on Monday morning! that is some fast shipping! I ordered from their Facebook page where you can get a 10% discount and some colors that they don't have on their website. I highly recommend them, I had some anxiety about spending so much in one order (I got 7 bottles!) but that went away when I got them and saw how awesome they are and I can't wait to get more! ManGlaze only sells matte polish, their slogan is "glossy has been cancelled!" and they have some very, let's say "creative" names, lol!
I'll let the pictures do the talking and you can see how awesome they are for yourself!

L to R: Mink Mitten, ILF, Fuggen Ugly, #Matte is Murder, Fuck Off and Dye, Cabrón, NawSome Sauce, and they also included the guitar pick (which I am somehow gonna make into a keychain) and the sticker which I haven't decided what to put it on yet, maybe my melmer!

The polish I'm showing you is Cabrón which ManGlaze describes as: "Kinda Darth Smurfple" which describes it perfectly, lol! It's a blackish blue purple.

I just love their bottle art!

Sorry about the dent in my middle finger. That's the only downside to mattes, I find they aren't as forgiving as a normal glossy polish. They tend to show imperfections. However, their formula is very smooth and this was 2 easy coats.

"your friends are ugly" LOL, I just love them!

And one last pic to show how great it looks with topcoat. Just look at that bling!

I hope you enjoyed my first post! Which ManGlaze would you like to see next?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

China Glaze Kaleidoscope Sale!

Hi there readers of The Exotic Lacquer. My name is Chelsea and Jen is a friend of mine. I write a blog called Pretty and Polished and I am trying to get rid of a heaping pile of China Glaze Kaleidoscope polishes. Jen has so graciously offered up her blog so I can do that. Thanks Jen!! <3<3<3<3<3

This is what I have available:

It's My Turn (5 available) $10

 He's Going In Circles (6 available) $10

Rated Holographic (5 available) $10

GR8 from OMG collection (1 available) $9

None of these prices include shipping. Shipping will be based off of weight and location. If you email me at I will get back to you right away with a total. Please don't forget to give me your name and address so I can figure out the costs. Thanks so much everyone!
And a special thanks to Jen! <3

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bookworm Nails 100 Follower Giveaway

Prize #1
Prize #2

GIVEAWAY ENDS: October 17, 2011

Spellbinding Nails 1000 Follower Giveaway


My give away consists of the following items for 1 lucky winner:

- Beauty UK Nail Sets - Midnight Minx , Urban Girl & Wild Child ( that's 18 polishes!)
- A set of the New Fab Ur Nail plates.
- 4 metallic Stamping polishes.
- HB Plates 21-40.
- Image plates SdP C02, SdP C07, SdP D07 & SdP D18.
- A pack of Rhinestones.
- Packs of Nail Stickers
- A essence stampy plate, 4 essence liners and a essence stamper and scrapper


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Deborah Lipmann Happy Birthday Vs. Confetti Tazmanian Devil

Deborah Lippmann Vs. Confetti
Tonight I was feeling a little wild so I decided to do my first comparison post and boy am I excited I must say in the bottle they look similar  but on the nail they are some very noticable differences!!
Both have large hexagonal and small round fuschia teal and silver glitters.
I put both polishes over WnW Ebony Hates Chris and Sinful Colors San Francisco as well as by themselves
Happy Birthday on pointer and ring Tazmanian Devil on middle and pinky 
With Flash
 No Flash
 Deborah Lippmann Top & Confetti Bottom Over  Ebony Hates Chris
  Deborah Lippmann Top & Confetti Bottom Over San Francisco
 L-R Tazmanian Devil Pinky 1 Coat Happy Birthday Ring 1 Coat
Tazmanian Devil Middle 2 Coats Happy Birthday Pointer 2 Coats
 2 Coats Tazmanian Devil Left Happy Birthday Right
1 Coat Tazmanian Devil Left Happy Birthday Right

So if you make the pictures larger you will see the one noticiable difference between the two polishes Tazmanian Devil has tiny silver flecks of glitter in it and I am in love
 I have to say Thank You for Tazmanian Devil from My Polish Mommy Lori who you can also contact for SPECTRAFLAIR there ois info on the right sidebar on how to get your own spectraflair
I must also thank Andra for Happy Birthday which I won in her giveaway on her blog TheColorBelt

Ladies if you need the Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday do it go for it it's pretty over a variety of colors and it's $18 and I believe you can get it online .
 Now Confetti Tazmanian Devil is to die for you NEED this! you HAVE to HAVE this!
Like rush out tommorow and look for it at $1.99 it's just as amazing and fun as Happy Birthday but has a extra surprise!!! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 12 of the 31 Day Challenge Stripes

So at first I was like meh I already did black and white stripes but then I started playing and going through my polishes and came up with what is one of my favorite mani's to date!!!
I used China Glaze Spontaneous as the base China Glaze Electric Pineapple for the thick yellow line 
Kiss nail art stripers in Neon Pink and Neon Green for the thin Stripes
Enjoy this heap of awesomesauce ladies!!!

No Flash!!

With Flash

I am loving this super fun and bright design I got the idea from cutepolish's vintage wallpaper nails and turned it into Vintage 80's wallpaper thanks for the idea cutepolish!!

Day 11 31 Day Challenge Polka Dots

I am picking up where I left off I wasn't feeling well so I didn't have the energy to participate every day so here goes my polkadots 
I used OPI Here Today..... Aragon Tommorow Suede and Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris

No Flash

With Flash

Enjoy I am excited to catch myself back up


 100 Eyeshadow Pallete For $10

 Mineral Face Powder in Light  $3
 Dark Glitter Purple Polish $2 (My Only Polish in the order) 
 Passionate Purple Eyeshadow Pigment $3
 Eyebrow Brush and Eyeshadow Smudger $1 each
 Pearl Eyeshadow Primer $1 each
 It says Lip Liner but it's really Black Eyeliner $3
 Eyelashes $1 each (The Glue Sucks I recommend getting some from your drugstores)
 Zit Zapper $1
 Eye Brightner $1
Water Proof Eyeliner Pen $1
I love it all

Monday, September 19, 2011

Holy Shizz I Was Slacking But Here Goes A Little Somethin Somethin To Say Im Sorry

Thank You Andra, Carly and Sarah for these wonderful goodies!!!

 Yes Be Jelly Ladies I have Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday which I will be doing a comparison post with Confetti's Tazmanian Devil
 OoOoOoh It came in a box from Carly

 Fairy Dust


 In The Lime Light

From Sarah GoldenCoast to complete my Funky Fingers Glitter Collection