Friday, March 30, 2012

CND Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle O.O

Urban Oasis applied like butter, I have never had a polish apply so easily it was opaque in one coat but I used two just for good measure 

 Urban Oasis No Flash
This is such a beautiful dark teal color and definitely will be wearing this on it's own

Teal Sparkle No Flash

 With Flash

 OoOoOoooHHHH Pretttttyyy.......
 Can you see all the amazingness

 I thought it looked pretty with this lighter
Oh, sun why you so good to me?

Did I tell ya'll that I am in love with CND'S?
These are my first 2 CND's Thanks to Taylor over at Nailed to the T and I am in love I have no complaints about dry time, application, or clean up. Cleanup was a breeze! 
Easy on and easy off just like I like it I will update this post with a wear time in a couple days.

Some NailMails and Other Wonderful Goodies

I have some awesome things that have been waiting for me at my Ma's house she was hoarding my NailMails for me and I am very excited for what
 I have a nice little surprise NailMail from Ashley I. who maybe joining me here at The Exotic Lacquer once again she sent me ColorClub SugarPlum Yum, My first magnetic from Nails Inc. and Revlon Waterfall and Springtime

 I got Peripera 207 from Ace & Allison at The Polish Labs charity blog sale ooooh I swatched over my layering mani on my thumb and I cannot wait to use this bad baby
My first CND's :D I am beyonf excited and cannot decide what I want to use first these or my periphera
Some Hello Kitty Goodies from Anissa I looove Hello Kitty
My Chinese New Year envelope and canadian quarter from Kimberly I love the card it is soooo pretty
and Laurie sent me a ring for my birthday with green and hearts Laurie knows I love green and I love the little home made card, 
I love homemade shit!!!

Thank you for all my nailmails ladies and I loved all my goodies!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today on the Nubbin Files: My Own Little Layering Experience ....

So I got this idea from Sarah over at Chalkboard Nails. I didnt use entirely the same things she used but it was my best interpretation at her amazing spacey layering experiment.
I used Pure Ice Heartbreaker over Sinful Colors Black on Black then I layered FingerPaints Motley took some pictures then I mattefied it and took some more pictures!

This is before I used my Hard Candy Matte-ly in love. I took lots of pics to show you all the beautiful colors!

Ohhhhhh this combo is soooo fancy.....
I love my matte-fying topcoats, It makes flakies look so amazing
I hope you enjoyed my little spin on Sarah's Spacey Layering Experiment
and I hope I made her proud