Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wow it's been awhile!

Sorry for the long leave of absence, guys. I've been busy with school and attempting to find a job. I've been doing makeup here and there, but nothing really awesome. This is a more recent look I've done using my friend Morgan as the model. I took my black face paint (Or you can use eye liner. Works just as well.) and drew the first line (The line extending from her nose to her brow). After that, I swooped the first "wing", extending it to her eye (which I followed by putting eyeliner on the top lid), I continued swooping the lines until I had a complete wing, and tried to match it on the other side. After that, I took a few different shades of blue as well as silver, green and purple. After blending those and filling in the wings, I took a black to the corners of the wings to add depth and a little shadow. Not bad for one of my first tries in face paint, eh?