Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well hello there! My name is Chelsea. I've been a self taught makeup artist for almost 7 years. Most of those years have been spent doing beauty makeup, and the past year or do, I've been expanding my work to include high fashion as well as special effects makeup. My influences include Tom Savini, Greg Nicotero, my dad, who has taught me some things, and the rest of my family who have been awesome at supporting me to pursue my career choice. A big thank you to Jennifer, who invited me to share my makeup in this blog.  Through here, I hope to inspire a few people and show off the talents I have. I'm very grateful to have been asked to contribute to this blog and hope that I can show people what they can do with simple makeup. I will be posting step by step instructions as well as pictures and materials I use to create the look. So, yeah! Let's have some fun! ;D

Sunday, May 27, 2012

EPIC NAILMAIL OVERLOAD.... and a mini Walmart Haul!!!

Sooo as many of you may know I broke my computer screen *sadface* but.....
So, with that being said the posting shall commence. I'm also excited to announce my friend Chelsea will be joining me here at The Exotic Lacquer to share some of her makeup looks with ya'll!! I have known Chelsea since middle school we basically spent every possible waking minute with each other for quite some time and she is EPIC with the makeup so I hope ya'll enjoy her posts!!
Now onto the nailmail!!!
My Polish Mommy Lori has been hoarding nailmails for me and I love her so much for it <3

 First up we Have Color Club Wild at Heart ooooh holo and the 2nd one I recieved is DandyNails Funhouse which I am excited for its like a glittery shredded flakie from a lovely girl named Dema she also sent me the coolest rastafarian bamboo earrings they have worked their way into daily wear rather quickly
 Next up is Cult Nails Cruisin Nude O.P.I My Daddy is the King and a lipgloss and Sally Hansen Pink Polish from Ashley M. Thanks Doll!!!
 I recieved the Hedy's Neon Matte's and my first to Dare To Wears from Jacquese S. at 
Candy Coated Tips names below
 Dare To Wear in Shangri-La and Our Secret Eden
Hedy's Neon  Mattes from L-R 
Nuclear Pink, Rocket Green, Lightning, High Voltage, Electric Blue, Bolts of Blue 
You can see Jacquese's Review and Swatches on these polishes here.
 This is the biggest nail mail and My  I ever recieved and not to mention my first Brazilian Polishes they came from the lovely Samantha U. alllll the way in beautiful  Brazil this is the result of about 2-3 months of planning!!!
Names below

Hits Speciallita Phenomena from top to bottom:
MoonBow, AirGlow, Afterglow, Borealis
 Some extra surprises Sam threw in there and boy am I surprised I didn't take a upclose of the 
MariMoon Dreamer but man is it beautiful!! 
Names of the other to below
Impala Army na mira 3D in Esmalte O.O Hollllyyyy Shiiizzz I can't wait to try this 
The next polish is of epic of any polish I have ever saw please refrain from screaming or squeeing in any type of loud manner you might wake someone up or scare a neighbor or something!! 

Isn't it gorgeous??
This Sabrina Sato Dasse Nati Desejos in Quero Felicidade
I cannot wait to swatch this baby!!! 

 I couldn't get Brazilian Nailmail without Hits Speciallira No Olimpos Holos
Names below.
 From Top - Bottom
Zeus, Dionsio, and Artemis
 From Top - Bottom
Posiedon, Atena, and Apolo
 Hits Power Puff Girls *Squee*
From L-R
Blossom: Girl Power, Doce De Leite, and Florzinha
Bubbles: Lovely, Pretty, and Lindinha
Buttercup: PowerFul, Elemento X, and Docinho
Big Universo Raio Gama
*SQUEE* Finally a pure blue Flakie I finally have you in my  life
My mini Walmart Haul 
 Essie Mojito Madness and Bikini So Teeny
I have never seen these before Maybelline ColorShow but at $3.00 each I couldn't resist a few they also had Salon Perfects for about the same price!!
From L-R
Shredded:  Purple Possiblities, Magenta Mirage
Denim: Styled Out 
Pedal To The Metal
Metallics: Amythest Ablaze, Navy Narcissist
I can't wait to try these!!!

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed all my NailMail I sure did miss ya'll and with all this Nail Mail I have here I will have many many swatches to come!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FingerPaints Summer Neons Collection 2012 Swatch and Review

Hey everyone my computer screen is still broken but I have something fun for the upcoming summer season! Today I have the pleasure of sharing the new FingerPaints Summer Neons from Sally's Beauty Supply. I purchased these with a giftcard in a swap with a lovely girl named Lissa. I really wanted the prismatics from chinaglaze but they only had 5 of them so I went with the complete set of Fingerpaints!!!
The complete set has SEVEN bright beautiful Neons
Warhol Wannabe 
A bright yet soft pink it's like eraser pink but bright.
This is Opaque in 2-3 coats
No Flash
With Flash
Pink Perspective
This HOT HOT HOT Pink is just that HOT!!!
This polish is Opaque in 2 coats
No Flash
With Flash
Pop Art Purple
This electric purple is very similar to SinfulColors Dream On, Julep's Helena and FunkyFingers Pop Artist but it is a must have and is also opaque in 2 coats
No Flash
With Flash
Iconic Orange
I am not one for Oranges but this bright bold beautiful orange has won my heart and is one of my favorite of the collection!!
Opaque in 3 Coats
No Flash
With Flash
Silkscreen Green 
Now we all know I love the greens and this one is no different...
Opaque in 3 coats
No Flash
With Flash
15 Minutes of Frame
HOLY POOP!!! It's a neon mint green a FLIPPEN NEON MINT GREEN!!
This was one of the ones I was most excited about and I hope you can see why!!
Opaque in 3 coats
No Flash
With Flash
Inkblot Blue
This Neon Blue is very similar to FunkyFingers 220 Volts but is not streaky at all like 220 Volts
Opaque in 3 coats
No Flash
With Flash

I apologize for neglecting everyone. I cannot wait till I get my computer back!!!
I really enjoyed playing with my new bright beautiful nail polishes, I am overall very pleased with the entire collection.
So I recommend everyone rush out to Sally's and buy the complete collection.
Your polish collection is incomplete without them!!
 Hope you enjoyed I will post again in a couple days or so I hope....
I miss ya'll faces