Saturday, January 28, 2012

Polish Ninja Max Factor Fantasy Fire 1,500 Polish Milestone

My favorite Polish Ninja Rhonni is having a amazing giveaway for the Clarins 230/Unicorn Pee dupe MaxFactor Fantasy Fire
So, Rush over and enter
Ends 3-10-12

Monday, January 23, 2012


 This was my base Essie Mezmerized with some NYX Girls Gilded Glitter but you cant really see the gold flakies under Chelsea's Franken

 With Flash

Isn't this frankenpolish beautiful??
I do not normally wear a topcoat over glitters and this was no exception I just let the Glitters Shine so my Glitters are not normally hungry like everyone says they are, mine are starving because I don't give them topcoat
Chelsea really blew me out  the water with Ornament Smash and her other frankens are equally amazing the application isn't to thick and layers beautifully 
Also, Get 5% off of your order on some Chelsea's nomilicious frankens by using my code
I also have Labor of Love and Martian Salad that I will be sharing this week

One of Dyan's Favorite Bands.....

I today I have something special for 2 people very dear to my heart One of my Polish Girls daughters had a medical emergency in which she is surely but slowly making progress and alot of us that are doing these mani's also sent her cards so that she know's that we care and she is in our prayers and thoughts.
One of the first things I ever learned about Dyan was that she loves The KottonMouth Kings well it just so happens that I love The KottonMouth Kings as well so I was estatic that we had common interests in music!!
Which brings me to my Team Dyan Mani
 I am proud of this mani I did used a stamp plate and some nail art pens for the black and silver lettering and I used WnW Ink Well for the base and Colorclub Perfect Mol-Ten for the lettering and accent nails

I wanted to share one of my favorite songs with you from KMK I hope you enjoy
Tangerine Sky

I love this song!!!
Hope your feel better soon Dyan 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Iv'e said this all at least once...

I had to share this video my polish mommy shared in one of the groups and needless to say It was my day in a nutshell I know I have said all of this at least once....
shame on me....
I know that you ladies will concur!!!

Well until next time...

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I entered O.P.I'S Nails 4 Life facebook contest this is my entry please vote for me if you like it I appreciate all of your love and support


Check out this lovely blogsale my friend Danielle at Coloring My World One Nail Polish At a Time is having
See what's for sale here
she has Kardashians, ChinaGlazes and Essies as well as some plates I believe

The ever so lovely Chelsea is selling her lovely homemade  and she always is finding VHTF'S and HTF'S and selling this means silvercaps ladies
Buy Chelseas HTF'S here
buy her frankens here

Dont forget to
Enter My Giveaway
Clairvoyant has been added for ever dollar you donate is one entry to win clairvoyant

Don't forget to give Zae's video a watch

Stay Tuned...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So I am adding a extra prize to my giveaway the person who donates the most to Vh1's Save the Music Foundation will be rewarded  for their kindness with
Cult Nails Clairvoyant this prize was donated to the giveaway by Maria herself from Cult Nails
*Now just a reminder this is to help Support to keep music in schools  and no matter how big or small you donate it's still a donation and it's appreciated don't forget one random donator will win a complete set of flakies and the one who donates the most is going to win Clarivoyant and if you have already donated and want to donate again I will add them together for what ever your grand total maybe
So Big Thank You Maria I appreciate your support for my giveaway

Dont worry for you non donators your fabulous prize for just a reminder
and I am debating adding a 2 winner for you non donators but I am in the process of looking 
Let the Suspense kill you

and this lovely display is for one randomly selected person that donates 

So stay tuned for more giveaway updates hopefully coming this week

Sunday, January 15, 2012

O.P.I Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede vs. Zoya Verushka

I have a comparison post for everyone today, I participated in the 2 free zoyas for shipping and chose Veruska and Savita so I was so excited about this and proceeded to tell my friend Chilli about my purchase. So, with that being said she then proceeds to ask me if I had O.P.I Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede.
I said yes and she say's I think their dupes....

and here we are today...

Zoya Verushka
 No Flash

O.P.I Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede
No Flash
 Verushka brush Left and H.T.A.T.S brush right
 Forefinger &  Ring are H.T.A.T.S and Middle and Pinky are Verushka with Flash
 Forefinger &  Ring are H.T.A.T.S and Middle and Pinky are Verushka with no Flash

So the final result is that Verushka is a wee bit darker and the it looks as if the finish is more satiny that Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede is more of a... well a Suede finish I think they are similar enough that if you have one you don't necessarily need the other but if your loving the subtle difference like I am then you definantly need them both

I also have some nailmail I recieved this last week
 My Zoyas Savita and Verushka and I want the True collection so bad
I partook in a Fantasy Football group and even though I finished last 
(I didnt quite understand fantasy football)
I still won some goodies Stephanie B. you chose my dum-dum flavors perfectly

Do you own Verushka or H.T.A.T.S if so which one?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Color Club 2011 Pride: Live Your Life In Color Collection

I am so excited to share this Color Club Collection with you because of the meaning behind the collection 
I have for ya'll the Color Club Pride Collection 
Pride: Live your Life benefits New York-based AIDS charities.
One of my favorite colors is rainbow (haha just kidding) no but seriously and I am all about showing off your true colors no matter what anybody says!!!

So I present to ya'll my followers
New York, NY- July 2011 - What makes us proud: Being bold. Making a statement. Living life to the fullest. Equality for all. From New York-based Color Club, the new PRIDE collection- vibrant polishes in every color of the rainbow, from red to violet-captures what it means to live your life in color and express your true self 
(or just your mood du joir). Seven formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and paraben-free shades celebrate equality with cheeky names like "Not Just for Kelly, Green" and "Boys Wear Blue," while a protiom of proceeds from the sale of the collection benefit New York based AIDS-related charities. Life comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and preferences.
At the very least, shouldn't your nail polish?
Don't you think the little rainbow wrapper tops are adorable?
*Note: The Pride Collection shades are all existing colors except for Not Just For Kelly Green which is exclusive to this set oddly enough that was the only one that came with a sticker on the bottom

P is for Pride with Flash 
 P is for Pride no Flash 
I love this red creme I just love how red it is!
Polish for All with Flash 
 Polish for All no Flash
This neon orange creme was opaque in 2 coats like all these polishes I add 3 just for maximum opacity but this was glow in the dark lol 
 Dress For The Parade with Flash
 Dress For The Parade no Flash
I normally don't like yellows but this bright yellow creme is a winner for me it was opaque with no white basecoat and it wasnt streaky
 Not Just For Kelly Green with Flash
 Not Just For Kelly Green no Flash 
I love the name of this color =0o and it's the perfect green if you ever want a "GREEN" polsh
 Boys Wear Blue with Flash
 Boys Wear Blue no Flash 
this almost neon blue creme is once again a pigmented bright winner I think it maybe a dupe for 220 volt from funky fingers as well as the next one
 Express Yourself with Flash
Express Yourself No Flash
this purple creme is the perfect purple its nothing but purple I also think this is a dupe for funky fingers riot

The colors of this collection are designed to match the colors of the Pride Flag

I hope you ladies have enjoyed this little taste of the rainbow just as much as I have. The collection also came with a topcoat which are multiplying as I acquire more color club sets tee-hee 
 Ace at The Polish Lab is having a polish sale and 100% percent of the proceeds will goto a Charity of her choice so you can check out all the details by going to

I have a Zoya Verushka and OPI Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede comparison post coming up per request of My Chilli and don't forget to enter My own Charitable Giveaway for Vh1's Save The Music Foundation remember if you donate it doesn't have to be alot anything helps and you will be entered to win a complete set of Flakies from FingerPaints and you can enter that by clicking the picture in the
 top right sidebar
Stay Tuned

Sunday, January 8, 2012

FingerPaints Effect Topcoats and Nail Mail

I have to say I am full on the flakie craze I love them sooo much and like I said before I would love to own
Inglot 204 so much that it's not even on my wishlist because Im on a "No-Buy" off my wishlist because I a, participating in a spring swap =0D But to today I have for you the FingerPaints Effect Topcoats. 
Why don't I just call them flakies you may ask, I have the Sparkle Effect Topcoat to share with ya'll as well oh and I cant forget about some lovely little NailMails I recieved in the last couple days so I hope ya'll enjoy

Motley No Topcoat

Motley Mattefied

Twisted No Topcoat

Twisted Mattefied

Flecked No Topcoat

Flecked Mattefied Topcoat

Asylum No Topcoat

Asylum Mattefied

Flashy Topcoat

Flashy  Mattefied
I Flaketefied my phone hehehehe

Now this beauty right here is a duochrome sparkle must-have
FingerPaints Sparkle Topcoat
It color changes from silver to purple one of my favorite color combos!!! 

 I got this lovely surprise in the mail from my Smushface Lover Sarah at Chalkboard Nails she always features amazing wonders on her blog so check her out

 I won this in a secret santa giveaway from Nicel at Operation: Nail It! and these are surprisingly all my favorite polish colors so yay!
 My swap with my lovely Ashley I.
 Some Lovely Extras from Marissa when she sent the prizes for my giveaway!!!
 Christmas Swap with my PolishBestie
 A surprise Package from my polish girlfriend
arn't they cute!!!
they taste almost like teddy ghrams thank you ladies once again for doing this sweet gesture for me!!
Don't forget to enter my giveaway and donate!!!
Also don't forget to check out Zae's new video!!