Saturday, January 14, 2012

Color Club 2011 Pride: Live Your Life In Color Collection

I am so excited to share this Color Club Collection with you because of the meaning behind the collection 
I have for ya'll the Color Club Pride Collection 
Pride: Live your Life benefits New York-based AIDS charities.
One of my favorite colors is rainbow (haha just kidding) no but seriously and I am all about showing off your true colors no matter what anybody says!!!

So I present to ya'll my followers
New York, NY- July 2011 - What makes us proud: Being bold. Making a statement. Living life to the fullest. Equality for all. From New York-based Color Club, the new PRIDE collection- vibrant polishes in every color of the rainbow, from red to violet-captures what it means to live your life in color and express your true self 
(or just your mood du joir). Seven formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and paraben-free shades celebrate equality with cheeky names like "Not Just for Kelly, Green" and "Boys Wear Blue," while a protiom of proceeds from the sale of the collection benefit New York based AIDS-related charities. Life comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and preferences.
At the very least, shouldn't your nail polish?
Don't you think the little rainbow wrapper tops are adorable?
*Note: The Pride Collection shades are all existing colors except for Not Just For Kelly Green which is exclusive to this set oddly enough that was the only one that came with a sticker on the bottom

P is for Pride with Flash 
 P is for Pride no Flash 
I love this red creme I just love how red it is!
Polish for All with Flash 
 Polish for All no Flash
This neon orange creme was opaque in 2 coats like all these polishes I add 3 just for maximum opacity but this was glow in the dark lol 
 Dress For The Parade with Flash
 Dress For The Parade no Flash
I normally don't like yellows but this bright yellow creme is a winner for me it was opaque with no white basecoat and it wasnt streaky
 Not Just For Kelly Green with Flash
 Not Just For Kelly Green no Flash 
I love the name of this color =0o and it's the perfect green if you ever want a "GREEN" polsh
 Boys Wear Blue with Flash
 Boys Wear Blue no Flash 
this almost neon blue creme is once again a pigmented bright winner I think it maybe a dupe for 220 volt from funky fingers as well as the next one
 Express Yourself with Flash
Express Yourself No Flash
this purple creme is the perfect purple its nothing but purple I also think this is a dupe for funky fingers riot

The colors of this collection are designed to match the colors of the Pride Flag

I hope you ladies have enjoyed this little taste of the rainbow just as much as I have. The collection also came with a topcoat which are multiplying as I acquire more color club sets tee-hee 
 Ace at The Polish Lab is having a polish sale and 100% percent of the proceeds will goto a Charity of her choice so you can check out all the details by going to

I have a Zoya Verushka and OPI Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede comparison post coming up per request of My Chilli and don't forget to enter My own Charitable Giveaway for Vh1's Save The Music Foundation remember if you donate it doesn't have to be alot anything helps and you will be entered to win a complete set of Flakies from FingerPaints and you can enter that by clicking the picture in the
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  1. *jealous* I want this collection! very good swatches!

    1. Thank you michelle I was very excited to swatch these even thoug I procrastinated

  2. those colors look AWESOME on you! that's so cool that they're for a good cause. i love the rainbow caps!!

  3. They are so cool, i love the lids on them.