Sunday, January 8, 2012

FingerPaints Effect Topcoats and Nail Mail

I have to say I am full on the flakie craze I love them sooo much and like I said before I would love to own
Inglot 204 so much that it's not even on my wishlist because Im on a "No-Buy" off my wishlist because I a, participating in a spring swap =0D But to today I have for you the FingerPaints Effect Topcoats. 
Why don't I just call them flakies you may ask, I have the Sparkle Effect Topcoat to share with ya'll as well oh and I cant forget about some lovely little NailMails I recieved in the last couple days so I hope ya'll enjoy

Motley No Topcoat

Motley Mattefied

Twisted No Topcoat

Twisted Mattefied

Flecked No Topcoat

Flecked Mattefied Topcoat

Asylum No Topcoat

Asylum Mattefied

Flashy Topcoat

Flashy  Mattefied
I Flaketefied my phone hehehehe

Now this beauty right here is a duochrome sparkle must-have
FingerPaints Sparkle Topcoat
It color changes from silver to purple one of my favorite color combos!!! 

 I got this lovely surprise in the mail from my Smushface Lover Sarah at Chalkboard Nails she always features amazing wonders on her blog so check her out

 I won this in a secret santa giveaway from Nicel at Operation: Nail It! and these are surprisingly all my favorite polish colors so yay!
 My swap with my lovely Ashley I.
 Some Lovely Extras from Marissa when she sent the prizes for my giveaway!!!
 Christmas Swap with my PolishBestie
 A surprise Package from my polish girlfriend
arn't they cute!!!
they taste almost like teddy ghrams thank you ladies once again for doing this sweet gesture for me!!
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  1. Holy cow! Great job on all the Finger Paints and that is a whole lotta nail mail!

  2. What matte top coat do you use? I love it!

  3. @amber I used Hard Candy's Matte-ly in love I didnt say which one cause I figured all the matte topcoats were the same!!!

  4. Ahhhhh I just LOVE it whenever you matteify those flakies!!!

  5. Line Im glad you love it so so much cause I love it to

  6. Ahhh omg can you possibly get anymore of the FP Flakies? I'd love to do a swap for them instead of buying them
    Off evil bay at usd15 each:/