Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 13 of 31 Day Challenge: Animal Print

On this day I cheated I am still sick but trying to do the challenge so I cheated... I used Kiss Nail Strips and a Silver base coat and Connect The Dots. I love Kiss Nail Strips more than the other brands I feel like they adhere better than some of the other ones I have tried out.
On to my challenge!!

No Flash

With Flash
I rescued her from the human society and am excited to give her a forever home!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 12 of 31 Day Challenge: Stripes

Today's day of the challenge is Stripes I used Kiss Nailart Stripers and love how fun this looks on the nails by making multi-sized stripes in a few different colors. I did this over a white basecoat to make my colors stand out.  My pointer finger  decided to go crooked but I still love how it looks!!
Onto my Nails...

Kiss Nail Art Soft Purple, Soft Blue, Beach Green, and Bikini Pink
The Clllllaaaawwwww....

No Flash

With Flash

I hope you all enjoy my stripes...
now I must comtemplate my flowers for tomorrow

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 11 of 31 Day Challenge: Polka Dots

Hi all I had to take a  small hiatus from the challenge my body decided it was gonna go ape shit and do whatever it feels like doing.. So I have been hiding and doped up on nausea and pain meds...
I hope the next ten days just breeze by in this challenge....
So, on to my Polka Dots!!!

OPI Did it on Em, Pink Friday and Fly 

 With Flash

No Flash

I am happy with my polka Dots usually they come out a mess but.....
I'm excited to have my head back in the game!!
*Until next time*

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 10 of 31 Day Challenge: Gradient

Today is Day 10 last day of the easy stuff lol... Like I said yesterday I love doing Gradients and this one is a beautiful mix of colors I think it turned out fantastic!!!
I am kinda anxious for what comes in the next ten days, I have been working and dreaming up ideas in hopes that my nailart will prevail...

China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard, Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), and Splish Splash

No Flash

With Flash

I hope you like this as much as I do and hopefully the next ten days are as successful as the first ten!!
I'm still in this challenge and know I can make it through the next twenty days.

Day 9 of 31 Day Challenge: Rainbow

Day 9 is Rainbow and I never miss a opportunity to show off my true colors!!
I used the ColorClub Pride collection which obviously is the perfect choice!!! I used a dotting tool and here I present to you (way better than last years) Rainbow mani..

 SinfulColors Show me White and Color Club Pride Collection

 No Flash

With Flash

I really love this and I am working on getting better with dots kinda...
I am glad I am all caught up on the challenge again so back to our regular posting schedule I may throw in a double post here and there with some other stuff ...
Tell me what you would like to see 
I have lots of new things to try...
China Glaze Bohemians
China Glaze Prismatic vs Wet n Wild duo chrome glitters
China Glaze Turned up Turquoise 

Day 8 of 31 Challenge: Metallic

I am really starting to fall in love with Gradients and I knew what I want to do for the Metallic part of the challenge. A Essie Metallic Gradient!!! I love how well these Metallic's gradient....
So less talking and more pictures!!!

 Essie Blue Rhapsody and Nothing Else Metals

 No Flash

With Flash

I hope you enjoyed this post because I definantly did!!!
See you later...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 7 of 31 Day Challenge: Black and White Nails

Day 7 is Black and White Nails and I wasn't really sure on what to do but the best I could come up with are my jailbird stripes lmao.... I am behind a couple days because it was my 2 year anniversary boy oh boy has the time flew by!!!

 Sinful Colors Show Me White and Black on Black and Art Deco stripes in Black & White
 With Flash
No Flash
I am behind a few days but all the Mani's are done finally so expect a barrage of posts...
See you in a few

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 6 of 31 Day Challenge: Violet

Day 6 is Violet and once again I used several colors and did a splatter mani. I like how this came out because it was my first real attempt to do a splatter. First I started with a white basecoat then I tried 2 different methods first I tried the little spray bottle method which you put the polish and some thinner into a small spray bottle and spray the nails... It was kinda messy but I was pleased with the base effect then the 2 of the colors didn't show that well so I went over again using the straw method and these are the results!! 

OPI  Rumple Wiggens, Planks A Lot, WetnWild The Crown is Mine, Essie Playdate, ChinaGlaze Grape Pop, and
SinfulColors Show Me White

No Flash

With Flash

I am actually enjoying my results of the challenge so far definantly am doing a better job than I did last year!!
See you next time....31