Sunday, January 15, 2012

O.P.I Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede vs. Zoya Verushka

I have a comparison post for everyone today, I participated in the 2 free zoyas for shipping and chose Veruska and Savita so I was so excited about this and proceeded to tell my friend Chilli about my purchase. So, with that being said she then proceeds to ask me if I had O.P.I Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede.
I said yes and she say's I think their dupes....

and here we are today...

Zoya Verushka
 No Flash

O.P.I Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede
No Flash
 Verushka brush Left and H.T.A.T.S brush right
 Forefinger &  Ring are H.T.A.T.S and Middle and Pinky are Verushka with Flash
 Forefinger &  Ring are H.T.A.T.S and Middle and Pinky are Verushka with no Flash

So the final result is that Verushka is a wee bit darker and the it looks as if the finish is more satiny that Here Today Aragon Tommorow Suede is more of a... well a Suede finish I think they are similar enough that if you have one you don't necessarily need the other but if your loving the subtle difference like I am then you definantly need them both

I also have some nailmail I recieved this last week
 My Zoyas Savita and Verushka and I want the True collection so bad
I partook in a Fantasy Football group and even though I finished last 
(I didnt quite understand fantasy football)
I still won some goodies Stephanie B. you chose my dum-dum flavors perfectly

Do you own Verushka or H.T.A.T.S if so which one?


  1. Jen we got the same exact colors for the Zoya promo!!! I think they are very close and probably close enough I just need Verushka!

  2. I told you so!!!! and I think you mean Here today aragon tommorow seeing as we got the same colors in the zoya promo

  3. Thanks for mentioning, Jennifer! You really did an awesome job in comparing Verushka and HTAT. Since they are so similar, I am contented to have HTAT and won't be getting Verushka. Thank you for this comparison post!

  4. I have Veruschka and love it!!! STUNNING!

  5. I only have Verushka and love it, won't need to get the other one.