Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nail Mail From Friday and Saturday

Hey I haven't exactly been feeling very well but here is my Nail Mail from Lori Hamm and Hong Kong on Friday and Lori Shadow on Saturday!!! 
So, Enjoy
 From Lori Hamm ORLY Here Comes Trouble
Its my own personal mission to own every green glitter ever made I love them all and This was 8.75 at the CVS by my place and I got it from Lori for 2.00 and 2.00 shipping definantly came out ahead
 My 500 Black Rhinestones from Ebay for 1.70 the dealer is best findings and they got here a couple if days after the other rhinestones I got from Ebay
I also got 2 free 4mm Rhinestones that i have no idea what I will do with any suggestions?

I got these from Lori Shadow they are Funky Fingers Crackles
they are Gold Scales anf Fuschia Scales
I am so excited I love the crackles and have a couple other brands a china glaze that I loved and a sally hansen that I was not impressed with it just doesnt crackle do you ladies have any suggestions??

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