Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I got some Rhinestones I got some Rhinestones!!! I added to LOVELY Lavender

 I got these off of Ebay from dealer art-la-lic in a buy it now for 2.99 case and all it took about 10 days for these to come its 3000 rhinestones and the plastic separator case so not bad seeing as I saw a little measly one at sally's for 10.00
Top Row L-R: Red, Light Purple, Dark Blue, Hot Pink, Dark Purple, & Dark Green
Bottom Row L-R: Silver, Gold, Bright Pink, Light Green, Light Pink, & Light Blue
I also ordered 500 black rhinestones for 1.70 which I have yet to recieve but it was shipped a day or 2 later so I expect it to arrive a day or 2 later
 My Left Hand
My Right Hand I think right came out cuter 
I am so excited for all my rhinestones!!!

Also, I wanted to put out there that Ashley and I will be hosting our first fabulous giveaway which were both super excited about It will include some great prizes and we will be hosting it once we reach 150 followers


  1. i love rhinestones they always add to everything :)

    shel xx

  2. I've never tried rhinestones before but this looks awesome! Sounds like you got a sweet deal, too!

  3. @ Michelle I am officially using rhinestones to accent everything and I cant wait to try the other colors I wish the purples were both darker like dark purple and light like the color of my nails but I cant say I hate my mani

    @ Kari it was worth it got here fast I was just looking at the est arrival date and it said august 15-17 so I am really pleased

  4. I absolutely love this! !! Everything looks better with a little bling!! I think I have something for You. I have these blinged out nail strips that you can wear along or on top of a Polish. Ill post it later on face and friends and tag you. Your gonna love them!!

  5. Nothing says happy like some bling! woot!!!

  6. wow so many rhinstones to do cute manis!! Yay~