Saturday, July 23, 2011

What A Busy Day For The Exotic Lacquer

Holy Moly Donut Shop!!!! 
Not just one but TWO different posts today! I say me and my Blog Buddy Ashley have alot to share with you today and theres only more to come I have some swatches that I can't wait to do I just need to go outside or to the dining room to paint my nails because the smell can be overwhelming especially since I paint my nails over and over till I'm satisfied and just let me add I'm neverf satisfied.....

 This is my Nail Mail from Laurie Nievin Polish Thinner and one of her LOVELY homemade frankenings
 See the Holoie Goodness it's called
Jenni When She Smiles 
and she also sent me some holo glitter 
I think Wisconsin USPS thought Miss Laurie was up to know good sending ziploc baggies full of fine powder but little do they know she was just making a young woman who LOVES GLITTER extremely happy

I was sent these from Dr.'s Remedy to swatch and review and Im very excited the colors look very promising and this will be followed by to different swatch post as I recieved two Nail Mails Today

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