Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi! I have something super exciting and special to show you all today a spectacular Indie I have been longing to be made!!!
This was made for me by Ashley S. of  Emerald & Ash. I actually have two others that I will be sharing within the next couple of days as well so stick around for those :D
First up is Rasta...
 It is a Red, Yellow, and Green Matter glitter the yellow are small, green are medium, and red are large hex glitters. 
I then succeeded for a accent nail a rasta tape mani, I am very proud of my 1st attempt!! 
on to the polish..

 Bottle Shots.... I love it in the bottle and was so excited when  I first saw it!!!
 With Flash

No Flash
my nubbies look horrible lol
With Flash
 No Flash
So this polish was sent to me by Ashley if you would like your own you can go to her 
I really enjoyed this polish this is 3 coats of pure Rastafarian goodness! I love how all the glitters are different sizes and  it gives it more of a deeper look. I didn't add a topcoat but I recommend just to completely smoothe it out but oooohhhhh I love this polish so much I don't want to take it off!!
for the accent finger I user red, yellow, and green of course, some small striping tape, and SinfulColors black on black which is also the basecoat under Rasta

Thank you Ashley I absolutely love this polish and CANNOT wait to play with the others!!!

Here is a sneakpeek of the other polishes that I will be sharing
So Stick Around 


  1. I love the polish, she did a great job. Your mani is super cute!

  2. Bad ass! Love the color in the middle too. Can't wait to see what u do with that.

    1. I plan on doing that one next Beth and thank you Amber and Dani!!! I can't wait to share more!!

  3. That's an AWESOME POLISH! The teensy round glitter is too cool! <3