Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coastal Scents Groupie......

I must admit I am addicted to Coastal Scents....
I love it all, the makeup, the skincare, and their things to make other things (which I'll get to in just a second)
But today I have my Coastal Scents haul from a bit ago. I have been slacking but I have lots to tell you about since I have actually used the stuff so onto my goodies!!!
Here we have Unrefined Shea Butter and it comes in 1 lb for $5.09 on sale right now but normally I wanna say it's about $8.50 and the money goes towards the Shea Village in Ghana.
Shea Oil 
Mango Mandarin Essential Oil
4 4 ounce jars 
I mixed some of the unrefined shea butter with some of the mango mandarin oil and some of the shea oil and added some golden pigment to add some sheen and I had a wonderful butter concoction that just left my skin feeling amazing!!
Eye Brightner
Reflecks Truly Turquoise and Purple Punch 004 Glitters
Metallic Pixie Purple and Blackstar Blue Pigments
Cellini Red, Cellini Yellow, and Majestic Green Pigments

Crystal Blue, Crystal Sparkling Silver, Crystal Red, Crystak Gold, Crystal Silver Pigments

Mirage Silver, Mirage Twinkling Silver, Pearlecent Sparkling Gold Pigments

All of Coastal Scents Pigment and Glitter samples are very generous and all of these above are new ones. 
and I can't wait to see how some of these turn out!!
Might I also add that I ordered these on a Sunday and everything was delivered by Tuesday...
I think it's because the offices are here in Florida!

I also have another Emeralds and Ash polish to share with you that I'm sure everyone will absolutely love!!!

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