Monday, April 2, 2012


I am just falling in love with polishes left and right and this little pretty kitty is no different!!
Today I have for you Ladies and Gentlemen Peripera 027,
A line of polishes from Korea that I saw awhile back and wanted one so so bad, but missed out on a group buy :(
I tried to capture all the beautiful colors of this multi-chrome beauty and I hope you enjoy them all...


 No Flash

With Flash

When I took all the pictures with flash I really didn't like them I mean I love the green but, I don't like the pictures.
I love with no flash I am hoping to get more Peripera's in the future I am adding The Glam Up Colors P024, PO25, P026, The Glitter Colors P040, P041, P042, P043, The Vivid Colors P031, P032, P033 and P034 to my wishlist which is basically all of them 

I hope you enjoyed my pretty little kitty...


  1. Gotta have it just for the bottle! Polish is lovely and your nails look great x

  2. gorgeous color! i really want this one too :3

  3. I love the bottle!!! I want one in RED!!!!

  4. This color is beautiful and the bottle is pretty awesome!