Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today on the Nubbin Files....

Today I have for you ladies and gents I have for you from 
OPI and Serena Willams 
Grape..Set...Match & Servin Up Sparkle 
I actually just received this polish in the mail just yesterday and proceeded to do my nails immediately this is also another epic lemming kill thanks to Wendy and her adorable son Shaun who made sure to complete my nailmail with baby
He is such a handsome little man and steals the heart's of women of all ages across the land.
Thank you Wendy for helping me kill my lemming and I love your face!!!
I just had to share this adorable picture of Shaun playing with my O.P.I'S before Wendy sent them to me. Isn't he adorable?? I want one so much...
 (I'm lying I barely am responsible enough for myself)

 Layering Combo with Flash

 No Flash

In the Sunlight 
It was such a nice sunny day yesterday it was cooling down though, I think it may get cold for awhile. Butttt I am loving the sun!!!


  1. Sooo jealous! I have been after this set for ages. Looks great and I'm glad you got some sun!

    1. I definantly wanted it for some time now and I definantly am not regretting my random buy