Saturday, March 24, 2012

My first Dusty Find, NailMail, and a Mini Haul

This is my first Dusty Hunt Treasure I got my toes done at a Salon and they let me purchase this 
Mistletoe Kisses it was full to like the middle of the China Glaze symbol
 I received  Max Factor Fantasy Fire from Deborah in the UK
 You Remember Grape.. Set.. Match and Serving Up Sparkle from yesterday's post
 Fimo canes a surprise from Li in our stamping plate swap
 I recieved the 2nd set of Bundle Monster Plates from Li and she recieved a set of Red Angel Plates
Today in the mail I got Green Ocean from my Polish Mommy 
yay now I just need to find the rest of the Ocean Flakies
From Ruth in Barcelona Essence Circus Circus Don't Feed the Tiger 
and a pretty postcard to add to my collection
Plenty of Fish in the Sea & Good Karma
and this is my mini haul I need all the Spoiled line polishes for the name I have a few but at $1.99 each you can't help but want them all

So it's been a pretty mellow week in polish land but definantly some great stuff thank you ladies for helping me find these goodies!!!


  1. How awesome is Fantasy Fire?! Its soo pretty, I got it last week too but still haven't used it or even swatched it lol

    1. I have not used it yet either I think I might want to try it over Grape.. Set.. Match!