Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nail Mail From Chelsea McDonnel

So Today I got My August BirchBox and I kinda wasn't satisfied so I maybe swapping it for the one I wanted  But I did recieve a super sweet Nail Mail from Chelsea McDonnel So I had a great start to my day not a bad follow up to yesterday if I say so myself so....
Who is ready to see my Nail Mail First I was really surprised by Chelsea's Nail Mail Literally I had forgot all about it so Thank You Chelsea!!!
So First Things First Chelsea That little pin is so cute it is now pinned to the front of my laptop sleeve and is hanging with Hello Kitty ALL day So Thank You for that little extra I won a mini Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling from her blog and A Sally Hansen Crushed by guessing the color and I also recieved a pretty pink MAC LipGloss so My Lip Gloss shall be popping

1 comment:

  1. wow love the lipgloss and that lil skull is super cute!

    shel xx