Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today's Nail Mail and some Lip Mail To!!!

 Boy oh Boy did I have a long day so my mister is becoming partners and opening up a sneaker store called SneakerHeadz so him and his buisness partner asked me to do a SneakerHeadz blog for them so today I started my day bright and early and took lots of pictures and organizing lots of shoes so now I have two blogs and two jobs whew so after a long day I still had to go to my usual job but I had to go home for a total of 30 minutes Geez can I get some freaking time for myself and to make matters worse the sneaker store has no internet service so I am away from all my polish girlies ALL DAY LONG!!! 
So anywho on my 30 minute me time I checked the front desk and Whoooo Hoooo I had some Nail Mail from Lori Shadow and some Lip Mail (2nd One this Week) from Heather Van Pelt
I got some Eos I got some Eos the red one is Passionfruit and the yellow one is Lemon Drop 
Thank you Heather you are so sweet for sending me these I really like passionfruit
Another Lemming down and my 2nd Flakie!!!
Barielles Elle's Spell and some chupa chups there was 3 but as soon as I opened the package was as soon as I had one in my mouth like lightning fast!!!
Thank You Lori I love it all alot and you are the main source of alot of my polishes!!!!
I <3 you Polish Mommy

So I have another long day ahead of me tommorow
Until Tommorow....


  1. I need three more of the EOS to have them all. I'll be on the hunt for them.
    Don't work to hard! <3 you my birthday twin!

  2. I LOVE those EOS lip balms. They're my favorite! I have five of those lemon drop ones laying around the

  3. Ahh Barielle's Spell! How lucky are you!