Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 5 of 31 Day Challenge: Blue

Hiiii Everybody!!! Today is Day 5 and I have a ton of blues that I did not realize I had until I decided to organize my stash by color... As it turns out blue, purple, pink, and green show senority of the drawers. So. anyways I couldn't pick just one blue polish nor could I decide on a design Soooo, I was like Ombre!!! I chose 5 blues instead of adding black and white to make it darker and lighter....
So onto my Ombre!!

 Dr. Remedy NOBLE Navy, Essie Mesmerze, Colorclub Boys wear Blue, Barry M Blueberry IcecCream, and FingerPaints Blue Rasberry Taffy
Blueberry IceCream and Blue Rasberry Taffy are actually reverse on the nail I just realized this wasn't the right order in which they appear on the nail
 Thumb to Pinky: Noble Navy, Mesmerize, Boys wear Blue, Blue Rasberry Taffy, and Blueberry IceCream
 No Flash
With Flash

I hope you all enjoyed my Ombre... My nails are a wee bit stained but not to bad yet..
See you later!!


  1. Such a gorgeous ombre, I love this look :)

  2. I only have 1 of these blues? WTF? I need to get that Barry M! Love this mani! :)

    1. I love Blueberry IceCream it is nice!! and you need all the blues!!