Friday, March 23, 2012


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I have a review for you today from KKCenterHK. I am going to be reviewing their Hello Kitty Water Decal in Nail Art Metallic Silver Nail Water Decals.
These particular Nail Decals are $6.00 usd.
They were sent to me from Hong Kong and arrived within about 2 weeks.
They arrived in a envelope and in the foil packaging you see below and once you take it out it has plastic over the decals themselves. 
The application process is very simple you cut out the design you want and I cut plastic and the design transfer paper together, Then you place the decal design down on your nail, I wet the paper with a water soaked cotton ball until the paper slid off leaving the design still on my nail.


 No Flash

With Flash
 This is the first time I used them and the Hello Kitty words transferred backward and I was like awww *sadface* but other than that they transferred very well and stayed on for days and I liked them alot

No Flash


No Flash

Natural Sunlight
So this was my 2nd go around and I soaked them in water a little before applying to my nail so the Hello Kitty words slid off and I was able to apply it so that the words read correctly.
Overall I really like these nail decals and plan on ordering some more of them they have so many different categories such ass Cartoons which is where you can find these and a few other Hello Kitty Designs, as well as Barbie, and Full Nail Water Decals, Animals, Celebrities, Flowers, Love, and so  more..

You can get your Hello Kitty Water Nail Decals or other Nail, Hair and Beauty Enhancement items at their website

*This item was sent to me for review by KKCenterHK and my opinions and views are solely my own*

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