Saturday, February 25, 2012

Basketball and Nail Polish: 30 Day Challenge Day 1 Lakers

Its All Star week in the basketball season so I decided to a 30 day NBA Challenge it's not nail art specific you just have to capture the essence of the team, I am starting with The Western Conference and making my way to The Eastern Conference!!!
If you love Basketball and would like to join feel free to link me back and list your blog in the comments so you I can link you back 
The rules to the challenge are simple 30 days 30 teams It doesn't have to be nail art but you can I will be trying some nail art and you can just to a manicure with the team colors. 

So I present to you Day 1
The Los Angeles Lakers
Just a little history on the Lakers 
The franchise started with the 1947 purchase of a disbanded team, The Detroit Gems of the NBL. 
The new team began play in Minneapolis, Minnesota, calling themselves the Lakers in honor of the state's nickname, "Land of 10,000 Lakes". The Lakers won five championships in Minneapolis, propelled by center George Mikan, who is described by the NBA'S official website as the league's "first superstar". 
After struggling financially in the late 1950's following Mikans retirement they relocated to Los Angeles before the 1960-61 season.

The Lakers have 17 Championships, 32 Conference Titles, 22 Division Titles, 
and have retired 7 Players/Jersey numbers
The Lakers are currently 5th in the 2011-12 season with 20 wins and 14 losses
Their official colors are Purple, Gold, and White

 I used OPI Funky Dunky and NYX Girls Gilded Glitter perfect combo for the Lakers Purple and Gold main parts of the their Logo

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  1. I like basketball! I think I can do this challenge just hope I can do it everyday. You can put me down.

    Thanks, This should be fun :D

    1. Hooray I am sooo excited you want to participate

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You Thalie I am actually excited about it

  3. I may try this but Gahhh Lee did ya have start with those punks! I hate the Lakers! Boston Baby!!!!

    1. Unfortunantly I started with the western conference bt I concur with you bigtime even though the squad fell apart by send K.P. and Nate Robinson to OKC =0(

  4. Jen, Pls give me Dollface link. I want to make sure of it before I Link back. Thanks :)

    1. I'm laughing at myself you are calling me dollface (face palm) lol! I linked you :)

    2. teeeheee heeee you so silly I think were the only ones participating so Thank you for joining and I think we could really breeze through this with it not being nail art specific