Monday, January 2, 2012

Love Me Some Zae The Godd and of course Nail Polish

I wanted to share Zae's Video it's finally finished and his photo's for a clothing line he works with so, with that being said I think our New Year is starting off great!!

 please let me know what you ladies think of these pictures I took of Zae I did the photo editing on them as well you can check Zae's Blog out
and don't forget to like his Facebook Page
and if you would like to purchase a Econome Lifestyle T-shirt you can go here
I appreciate your love and support for myself as well as him and he says Thank You for all you support!!

Of Course I couldn't leave ya'll without nail polish I have been LOVING my Nicki Minaj by OPI collection I have some of the fun combos I have been doing since I recieved them from Lynn
 I love this look so much
 oooooh yummy flakies 
 OPI Fly with Nyx Girls Gilded Glitter
OPI Pink Friday with China Glaze Concrete Crackle
I love the look of grey and pink so for me this was a no brainer an absolute love I can't wait to see what other crackles besides Super Bass Shatter look good over the Cremes in this Collection
 I got these for myself for christmas from this blogsale At Your Fingertips
 I got the FingerPaints Flakies Collection and the final piece for my Shreckollection Funky Dunky from Michelle she got these and a extra set of flakies for my polish mommy's xmas gift I love Michelle's Blog
Sonoma Nail Art she is so freaking talented at nail art so make sure you hop on over and check her out!!

Now your probably wondering why does she have a crock pot and food on a nail polish blog well what had happen was I recieved a text message from my lovely polish gilfriend Heather last Wednesday asking me if I was awake well at noon Im not awake lol... but I got up and checked the mail to my surprise there were 2 huge boxes  whis is the top picture you see with the crock pot so to my *tear filled surprise* yes I cried Heather and about 16 other girls got together and pitched in for everything you see here I have to maintain a strict gluten free diet and they were so nice and surprised me with things I need and really can't get my hands on 
So with that being said Thank you to
my polish girlfriend
Heather H.
My Polish Mommy 
Lori S.
My Polish Bestie
Amber H.-F.
Lori H.
Rachel A.
Allison L.
Ace A.
Chelsea M.
Wendy H.
Kimberly L.
Sarah W.
Leah Anne L.
Laurie N.
Rhonni A,
Line T.
Thank You all so much for this wonderful nice thing you have done for me I love you ladies and am so thankful and blessed to have you ladies apart of my life regardless of how it is!!


  1. awwww, lol, ur so cute ;) im happy u like it. we luv you!!!

  2. That first combination is gorgeous! Those are the 2 Nicki Minaj polishes I want the most!