Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Poll

Here we are again with another friday poll from Dori at Kiss My Acetone

1. Hows your past week been?
-Ummmm not to bad long and relatively boring
2. Did you have a fun and exciting night or did you play it low-key and stay home to pass out candy
-I live in a hotel so no passing out candy for me I still played it low-key though
3.You Go to the Club: What do you order to drink 
-It used to be Coronas or Pineapple and Vodka but now I'm Gluten-free so I cant have alot of liqour
4. You go to the pub: what do you order to drink?
-What is a pub?
5. Name a few things in your bedroom that make you really happy?
-My Growing Nail Polish Collection, My Makeup, My Laptop, My Shoes, and My sexy man
6. If you see a ugly polish with a awesome name do you buy it
-It depends on if it's for a collection or what the name is
7. What if you see a pretty polish with a crap-tastic name (or worse a number), do you still buy it
-Do Vampires burst in the sun?? what kinda silly question is that
8. Ho do you take your tea 
-Hot preferably with Honey and Lemon
9. How do you take your Coffee
- Lots of Cream Lots of Sugar but I prefer Hot Chocolate
10. What is your favorite song at the moment
Drake- Headlines

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