Friday, November 4, 2011

Franken Fridays with The Franken Queen

I got this Idea from Destany at Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom you can check out her blog out by clicking the name so I thought it would be a great idea to do this because to me homemade goodies are the best polishes one can own and I might share the ones I own with you on Fridays that Laurie doesn't post
make sure you ladies let Laurie know how talented she is in the comments below!! 
So here enters the Amazing Frankening Queen Laurie

Hi there ladies! The lovely Jennifer has asked me to do a Franken Friday post for her today and I feel 
honored! I first got into frankening simply because I fell in love with some polishes no longer available or some 
just crazy expensive. One of those polishes was DS Desire. I first saw a picture of it on Scrangie's fabulous 
site and from viewing those pics to me it looked like a nice rich chocolate brown. I was lucky enough to have 
a friend find this for me at a salon and the price was incredibly reasonable and not the rape and pillage prices 
asked for it on ebay. Well imagine my surprise when I got it and it was not a rich chocolate brown at all rather 
a gold. Well it's an OPI Designer Series polish so I'm not crazy enough to not want it lol! But I still longed for 
that rich chocolate brown holo. So ladies I did what I call the cardinal sin in frankening and I frankened with 
an OPI DS polish to make a brown holo! I decanted a small amount of my Desire and mixed it with some 
nice OPI chocolates I had to come up with this lovely brown. Brown always reminds me of cowboys for 
some reason and those of you who know me know I love to name my frankens after my favorite books--so I 
give you Rode Hard And Put Up Wet!!

Isn't she a beauty ladies? Some of my polish friends have asked me to make a bottle of this for them and I 
told him it's just too expensive (and crazy) to franken with an OPI Designer Series polish BUT I have an idea 
of how I can come up with this gorgeous color using some SpectraFlair pigment so hopefully I can return with 
some good news about it in the future!

Thanks for having me today Jen!


  1. wow! im not a fan of brown nail polish but im diggin this! maybe cause of the holo tho! lol im such a holo/flakie whore lol!

  2. Wow, I am lusting after a chocolate holo, thinking of adding my DS Sensation to a brown, which brown did you use? Love it!