Friday, October 7, 2011


Holy Moly Donut Shop I hope ya'll are prepared for what I have for ya'll today I haven't did any nailmail post in awhile so here is a purchase with some extra nailmail goodies from my polish pal Rachael from 
New Brunswick and I won a lemming from Elizabeth at Nailpolish is My Crack
My Grama and Papa got me somethings while they were in Paris and I made my first franken which is unamed and even something amazing at the end!!!!

 This is what was the original package and all the nail goodies and stuff you see are added extras because Rachael loves me!!!

My Giveaway Win from Nailpolish is my Crack

 Thanks Elizabeth love the extras!!!

Grama and Papa Mail
I love my Grama and Papa they went to Paris and got me some stuff and as always my Grama adds some Clinique extras she has it in with the Clinique Counter in Las Vegas

My UnNamed Franken are there any suggestions???

Yes ladies this is stunning Fairy Dust alone .......
I know *GASP* did she just say alone??
Yes, alone and it is so Ah-Mazing that I have had it on for 3 WHOLE days

And one last thing My Love Sarah at Chalkboard Nails has the CUTEST little doggie named Chowder you can check him out here and I love him yes I admit I don't have a tumblr to follow Chowder but I always go see what he is up to and he is just the most photogenic little cutie ever and I just happen to be one of his biggest fans so Chowder decided to show me a little love 


  1. Love the Hello Kitty necklaces! And now I need CG Fairy Dust, by itself it looks like a great simple summer mani!

  2. Awesome stuff you got! No idea for the franken name though, I am so bad at naming! :(

  3. love this post. I have no ideas for the franken. mine is still un named LOL