Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stash Shot and On The Prowl Swatches

This is my stash as of today tommorow I can almost guarentee I will have at least 14 more but this is about 200 I want to say with the ones I recieved yesterday and to think I only started getting in touch with my true polish addict about 3-4 months ago!!!

First up we have the glitters!!!
Cougar Attack With Flash
 No Flash
-Cougar Attack is layered over Ink Well for maximum opaqueness
 Behind Closed Doors With Flash
 No Flash
-Behind Closed Doors is layered over Ink Well for maximum opaqueness
 Correction Tape With Flash
 No Flash
 Tangled In My Web With Flash
 No Flash
- Sorry for black glitters EVERYWHERE they were most impossible to get off
 Jungle Fever With Flash
 No Flash
 Buy Me A Drink With Flash
- Sorry for the messiness it just wouldnt come of stupid q-tips
No Flash
 Ready To Pounce With Flash
No Flash
 Ink Well With Flash
No Flash

So the colors are so pretty like at first before I seen them in front of my face I wasn't to thrilled about the non-glitters but then I got to painting and I must say I was pleasently surprised at how pretty they really were and then there was this one single problem the brushes freaking suck horribly but all the pretty colors makes me look past that!!!
The glitters omg the glitters...
 I think that Behind Closed Doors and NYX Girls Dorothy are a dupe so I will be doing a comparison post tommorow so stay tuned....

I was bored in between swatching no not bored of painting my nails I was just bored in general no good t.v. on or music playing so I had a little camera me time!!!

P.S. Thank You Polish Mommy for sending me these =0D

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