Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nail From Line and Abby, EOTD, and Glamour Swatches

 Nail Mail from Abby in California
 Miracle Shine
 Hex Hex!
 Mystic Wish
Stripe Magnet 
Chocolate Chip Cookies Lip Balm (I hope this is gluten-free lol jkjk)

 Nail Mail from Line in Denmark
 H & M Pink
Pink Summer
 OMGOSH literally I am so excited
 Green: 2 See You, Purple: Nice 
(They were backwards)
 Some Postcards from Denmark and Odense and a Hello Kitty sticker that was on the package that switches Hello Kitty's when you move I had to take it off and keep it
A small taste of Rainbow over Glamour
Eye of The Day


 With Flash

No Flash


  1. DROOOLL!!!!!!!!!!! This made me wanna paint my nails with glamour again lol

  2. Holy wow you had an awesome day!!!! I'm excited to see all of 'em (desperately want that GOSH) but I think I may heart the lip balm the most :)

  3. @ Nail Nerd hahahahaha I have yet to try the lipbalm Im saving it I have like 50 lip balms in my purse opened and in rotation of use lol

    @ Shadow Goooo now paint!!!