Friday, October 21, 2011


I love Dori's Friday Poll pics she always has cute ones and this week she saw Taylor Swift in concert  
(I admit I am slightly jealous)
This poll shared by Dori Davis at Kiss My Acetone

1. How has your week been so far?
-My week wasn't bad I had a lack of nailmail so it coulda been better hehehe
2. What are you wearing on your nails right now?
-I have Green/Purple Color Changing topcoat I need to get started on today so I dont lose sunlight
3.  What do you want to be/are going to be for Halloween
-This is what I want to be but with my luck I wont get it
4. Have you decorated your house or bedroom at all for Halloween
-No I live in a hotel =0( I would love to put some purple light in my window but it would look very unnormal
5. Do you have any fun weekend plans
-No Im a homebody thats stays at home and facebooks and watches online movies ALL day except when I go to work
6. Have you carved a pumpkin yet this season
-No but I really really want to but did you know there's like some type of Pumpkin shortage because of Hurricane Irene
7. If so what design did you carve into it? If not, and plan on carving a pumpkin, what design will you cut into it?
-I do want to carve a pumpkin with something fun I like the barfing pumpkins I think their cute
8. Has the weather finally changed into weather where you live?
- Yes and it's cold very very cold I very much so dislike the cold being from where it stays decently warm during the day in the winter
9. What nail polish are you really into wearing right now
-I am loving the color changing topcoats their deep jeweltone colors that are amazing!!!
10. What nail polishes are you currently on the hunt for?
-I want  ColorClub Beneath the Mistletoe and I want the Vixen collection from Color Club as well and I am super excited about O.P.I Nicki Minaj Collection and I want a KOH the flakie one!!

Cheers to the freakin weekend

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