Thursday, October 20, 2011

Color Changing Topcoat Week Continues Day Two Green/Purple Thank You Sun!!!

As I was painting my nails it just gets more and more intense and that is all I will say

Green/Purple Color Changing Topcoats

In The Shade

 Outside in the Sunlight

 With Flash

No Flash

I hope you ladies enjoy watching the pretty videos just as much as I love making them this specific one is byfar my favorite I wish I could find away to make the ultimate rainbow from these topcoats but it's impossible Hehehehe!!
It's pretty drab out so let pray it doesn't rain so that color changing topcoat week can continue and not miss another day

Color Club The Art of Seduction ( My favorite book of all time) and N.O.P.I You're S-Teal The One
I also got some Nail Mail from Traci at The TraceFace Philes and she is always posting fun and amazing polishes like she just posted Barry M Indigo with Stairway To Heaven  layered over the top


I did my makeup to match my nails hehehheeh


  1. super nice , I love the transition it looks amazing !

  2. @ Pam it is a green and purple color changing topcoat!!

    @ All About Reviews and Nailderella and Pam Thank You ladies

  3. Love it! The video was a great addition to your post, btw! It really made me NEED that lol