Saturday, October 22, 2011

Color Changing Topcoat Week Day Four Silver/Green (Oh Noez were halfway done)

This one was THE hardest  ones to photograph with that being said I STILL LOVE IT

 Natural Light

 With Flash 
You can see the color change in the ones with flash the most

 No Flash
Basically the only color change shot I was able to get outsise with flash

I am so sad that I only have 3 left to share with everyone  I have been having so much fun
I also got some Nail Mail 2 Frankens from the Infamous Franken master Laurie (ONE IS A FLAKIE!!!)
and  I got a surprise Nail Mail from Claudia in the Netherlands it was very sweet and the little note card she sent was cute and witty card
2 Frankens Left is Delicious Right is Make Me Sir and GOSH Forest Floor in the middle
 Claudia says its a dupe to a OPI Jade Is The Black and I love my greens lol!!


  1. This is my favorite!! I love the green!!!!


  2. I'm so jelly of all these! Are they sheer? If so, can you layer them??