Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DAY 6 30 Day Challenge Violet Nails and Nail Mail!!!!!

So the Challenge for today is Violet which I dont think I have so this pretty Holoie Milani  HI-RES that will just have to do and with a little accent nail surprise of NUBAR Reclaim I recieved from Kim Robinson along with some other goodies I will get to that in a minute though  first up enjoy my dual holoie goodness

All With Flash!!!

All No Flash


Thank you Kimberly Robinson for all my amazing extras you sent with reclaim I am excited for the purple and it's funny I really needed a new purple eye shadow in my life so score and its a loose pigment so I can make a pressed glittery eyeshadow with the glitter you sent me so I really like Not only did Kim send me my 1st Nubar but also my first Jesse's Girl so thank you I love all my polishes I hope you like my end of the swap <3
<3 Nubar Reclaim <3
 Jesse's Girl Glee
 Sinful Colors Opal Glitter
 WnW Glitter

and a NYX Purple Loose Pigment I forgot to take a Individual Photo off soooo
once again Thanks Doll 

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