Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 5 30 Day Challenge Blue Nails

So I am kinda hyped to do todays nails now that Im all caught up so I was going through my blues and of the few blues I had I used Brie's Spacey Traci and you can check out Bries blog at
I must say this is my FAVORITE blue I own and you ladies should ask her to make you some it is just to die for I put it over Lovely Lavender to make the blue pop a little because thats what I had on when I tryed it over my Lovely Lavender I fell in love instantly

So now is your chance to fall in love

All With Flash

All Without Flash

So thank you Brie for making this I LOVE IT


  1. Im happy you love it. <3
    It looks awesome in you! :)

  2. and my nails are longer so I really like it

  3. yes, I noticed how long your nails are growing and I love this color on you and would love it on my toenails as well. Love,

    George :)