Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 10 30 Day Challenge Gradient Mani and My Giveaway Prize From Andra

How did I not know it was a 31 Day Challenge duh Jennifer.... 
Todays Challenge is Gradient and I decided to do Ombre Nails each of the follow pics is each polish I used without and with flash so enjoy

Pinky 220 Volt

Ring finger Grape Pop

Little Birdie KleanColor Purple Velvet

Pointer Lovely Lavender

Thumb Spontaneus

I had fun with that!!!! I am loveing all my purples!!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Yes Ladies I was lucky enough to win Andra's Giveaway at The Color Belt
you can check her out there and surprisingly winning her giveaway brought us a little closer and I am excited to get to talk and chat more with you Andra so Thank You for hosting such a FAB giveaway and ladies indulge in my awesomeness for I now own not one Deborah Lipmann but 2 It's only a TopCoat but hey it's still a DL
I wasnt expecting the samples so thank you for those!!! 
I am excited for the Zoya Remover and the OPI Expert Touch wipes
 Yes I have Happy Birthday sooooo Excited!!!

 On a Clear Day Topcoat
Sinful Colors San Francisco 
(My Fave Green of ALL Time)
Hooray Im glad it finally arrived and safely at that to!!!


  1. Awww you're so sweet Jen! I'm glad I made another friend that loves nail polish as much as I do. :) I've been terrible at keeping up with Facebook and emails lately, so forgive me if I don't respond to something quickly. I still love you lots!! And I'm proud that I was the first one to provide you with your first Lippmann polish! Thank God the package got to your safely. Let me know how many hours it takes you to get Happy Birthday off your fingers. hahaha

  2. hehe Andra took my DL virginities