Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Challenge Splatter Mani

So Our Weekly Challenge this week was Splatter Mani Im sad not very many ladies participated but I know it was a rather tedious task so I hope you ladies will play polishes this next week!!!

On to the weekly challenge


Alyssa Plumb

Chelsea Mcdonnel

Amber Dunson

These 3 Ladies are the only 3 to enter splatter mani's so Hooray I think it's funny we all used pink or purple
great minds think alike so....
Thank You Ashley, Alyssa, Chelsea, & Amber for participating and playing polishes this week with me 

The Weekly Challenge for next week is Stars and I can't wait to see my polish girlies true stardom shine through our love of nail polish


  1. Yay! Everyone did a great job. I am looking forward to the star manis but BLASTED I WILL get my super hero mani!

  2. Make sure you vote its up there and I gave horrible options

  3. very pretty jobs everyone did :D

  4. Nice manis for the ladies! Hooray! Beautiful nails and minds think alike, your very right in that.


    George :)

  5. I loved doing the splatter mani! I was surprised more people didn't do this weeks challenge, it was so easy and so much fun!