Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Way Over Due Post...

I’m back! So sorry for being MIA for so has been hectic...I really wish I could stay at home all day and paint my nails and eat, but since I’m not interested in being homeless I have to drag myself to work. I am however NOT required to clean, do laundry, grocery shop, or cook so the state of my apartment is atrocious. To be honest though, I’m okay with it.

So from my horrible prioritizing comes my latest manicure. I have been so busy that I have only painted my nails once in the past week, with my nails being bare for the majority of it. I finally had some time Sunday night to do some work on my nails (and another chance to neglect my woman duties) and I finally got to wear my most prized dusty find…China Glaze Grape Crush! I found it at a random nail salon, brand new, and smiling…well not smiling but I know I was. I have been waiting to wear it because I wanted it to be special, but why shouldn’t everyday be treated special? Okay, it was just an excuse to wear it…

When I started using Grape Crush…I can’t believe I am saying this…I hated it. I’m not sure what it was, but this little gem and me just didn’t get along. I am not sure if it was the lightning, the texture, the phase of the moon, but whatever it was I was so disappointed. I was expecting greatness and I was met with “pretty”. Don’t get me wrong, pretty is good but not “amazing”. It is kinda like when your high school crush tells you that your sorta “pretty” when what you really want him to say is that your “smoking hot”!

Anyways, back to the polish…I used Grape Crush on every nail, then painted an accent nail with OPI’s Serving Up Sparkle. I love this polish! It is amazing and has quickly become my new favorite layering polish. After the accent nail I got a better look at the Grape Crush and I started to like it better. By the next morning and after 8 hours at work I finally started to love it. Okay, 7 customers told me they loved my nails so that might have something to do with my newfound love. Either way I now adore Grape Crush and I cannot wait to use it in another manicure. As for the Serving Up Sparkle…I am seriously debating on buying another bottle because I have a feeling this one will be gone very shortly.

On to the pictures…

The picture isn't the greatest but apparently the sun didn't get the message that I needed it's cooperation...

Ashley Marie

In other news these two creatures apparently are feeling neglected from all my work. Maybe I should get off here and go spend some time with them before they revolt...


  1. Oh Oh! Kyle's in the kitchen again???!!! I love your mani! And I feel Servin Up Sparkle is always a must!

  2. Hi Ashley: Hugh fan of you and Jennifer's nails love the grape crush and your accent nail. The dog is so cute,,,it's nice to have a guy in your life. Both are good, keep up your studies and get that nail polish too.


    George :)

    PS Love your quote, "It is a journey to make the world a more beautiful dream, laugh, & creation at a time..."