Friday, July 15, 2011

Why is the first post so awkward...

Hello fellow beauty lovers!

My name is Ashley and I am going to be doing a few posts a week on Jenn’s beauty blog! I love all things girly, sparkly, and flashy so I think we all are going to have a good time getting to know each other! For this first post I am going to take a page out of Jenn’s book and show you guys my must have beauty products!

**I would show you something nail related but my nails are in a horrible state right now after working all week…I am going to need the weekend to recover them:( Who would have thought filling prescriptions would be so bad on nails…**

Philosophy Skin Care

This skin care line has really improved my skin...and that is a pretty bold statement. Most skin care lines claim to change the way you thought about your skin or give you the skin you always wanted, but lets be honest...most of the time that is not the case. I have never really had bad skin so I have always been lucky...I chalk that up to good breeding I guess but my skin always felt not right. Not very descriptive but that is all I can really say to describe the dull and not pretty tone/texture my skin took on during puberty. After 2 weeks with this stuff I have to say it changed so much, and yes, for the better. Thank you pushy lady at Sephora for talking me into this...I am eternally grateful:)

Coach Poppy

I wouldn't say I am big into perfume, but since I have a genetic predisposition to love good smellies I have to count this in there. The boyfriend picked it out and he sure did a good job. I wish I could tell you what it smelled like but I really can't. All I can say is if you want your boyfriend/husband/lover/significant other to sniff you constantly then this is your ticket to happiness my friend...

Crest Pro-Health Night

All I can really say to this is that 1. it is one of few toothpastes that do not make me gag...2. It actually works...3. yes I am aware it is for night time but what can I say...I do what I want...

KMS California Mousse

This is another beauty buy that a retail person talked me into, and again, she was right. AMAZING...I usually don't capitalize all the letters unless I'm serious so listen people...if you want big hair this is your baby...or if you want your hair to smell like cinnamon which isn't as weird as it sounds...

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

Sephora you win again...I got this as a sample and it pretty much changed my life. Okay being alittle dramatic but it really did change things. I have pretty curly hair, but straighten it every day. I would say that was because as a child my hair was always wild and crazy so I feel like I am making up for lost time. But...enter this little I don't have a problem leaving my hair curly because this is kinda like a lion wrangler in a bottle. It totally calms my wild hair and leaves me with semi-decent hair...which is nice because 90% of the time I go to class without doing my hair and this stuff at least gives the impression that I care...


  1. Nice job on your irst web blog Ashley. I do love the nail polish related stuff but your descriptions really are right on the money and your sense of humor is amazing.


    George :)

  2. Hi Ashley! Like the first post!

  3. Hi Ashley, just started following,great first post! :-D