Monday, July 18, 2011

Holy Nail Mail Monday and A BirchBox to!!!!

HOORAY FOR TODAY I got two Nail Mails today and My BirchBox which will have it's own post to show you all my B.B. Goodies But first NAIL MAIL!!! I recieved 2 Packages one from my Polish Mommy and Destany (I love her profile pic offcially cutest family photo ever) which included a polish I haven't seen in years but was my favorite to wear back in the day!!!                                                                                                                
             First we have my Nail Mail from Destany
Sally Hansens Crystal Chrome (I <3 this Polish) and a little added extra some L.A.Colors Strawberry Polish Remover Pads
and this Mother Load is from my Polish Mommy Lori  heres some close ups of all the goods!!
from L-R KleanColor Twinkly Love, Peaceful Heart, Firework and Teal Crackle
These are my first KleanColors once again Lori has spoiled me with some more firsts!!
From L-R Collecting Pollen and Cherry Blossom
I have been Lemming a Baby Pink for a while now so Im excited to try this color 
My first Plate and Stamper Lori was nice enough to give me her extra one I absolutely positively excited about this and I cant wait for halloween to roll around as this is my favorite holiday to use my punkin

Thank You to Lori Shadow and Destany Pingle for my amazing Nail Mails!!! 
Its funny something so small like nail polish can bring so many different people from so many different places together 
I Love my New Nail Polish Buddies Dare I say More than the Polish itself they have meaning and I love owning things that have meanings.


  1. awesome nail mail! love it :D i know what you mean about your buddies too, without you all nail polish would be exciting but i would have no one to share it with lol!

    shel xx

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