Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 3 of 31 Day Challenge: Yellow

So today is day 3 of the 31 day Challenge and while I do have more yellows than I did Orange today was equally as challenging. I am trying to add some type of element of nailart to each day of things I have never tried before. Today I tried a Caviar accent, I am very pleased :D with how it turned out!!
My dude say said try a bumblebee but I was unsuccessful lol... My bumble bee looked like a black bumbleblob. I actually took the first 3 pictures in the dark flash only and the pictures came out great I think.

 Caviar Beads and China Glaze Sun Kissed

 In the dark Flash

 No Flash

This is just a couple shots I took of some fireworks that go off I think like once a month that I can see from my window. So, I decided to share my monthly firework show with ya'll today!!

I hope your enjoying my 2nd attempt so far I am kinda excited to see how far I make it and how it looks to where I was last year!!

Have a great day <3

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