Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another wound

So here's another wound that I did, this time on myself. I did this super late at night because I couldn't sleep lol. Here's the finished product: 

I basically did the same thing that I did with the other wound, but instead of putting one piece of tissue, I actually put 5 layers of tissue along my upper lip and 5 layers of tissue along my bottom lip. That way it would be easier to pull it away from the skin. I then used the same technique as last time. I just built up the bruising using ordinary eye shadow (A combination of red, black and purple) and then added Vaseline to red eye shadow to make it look bloodied. I continued the blood/bruising to my lips to make it look like my lip was splitting. One thing I would do if you want to make it look super gnarly, is draw in teeth. That was it makes it look like the side of your mouth is exposed and would make it a bit more accurate.

Hope you enjoyed!