Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All natural!

So for my first actual post, I figured I wouldn't get too crazy...Yet.

I did a very soft, very natural look. (Forgive the picture quality. Took this picture on my phone. Promise I'll start taking pics with my actual camera next time.)

So this is the complete look. As you can see, it's very soft, very natural and perfect for every day! Also, if you were to go out and didn't want something too dramatic, you could always substitute the dark brown for a little black!

This is all that I used! Simple, right? Three colors, some mascara and some gel eye liner.

This is the first color I used. It's called "Naked" and it's an ULTA brand eyeshadow. I love this color because it's very sheer, but is shimmery, so it's still fun. Sometimes, when I'm rushed, I just put this on, a little eye liner and mascara, and I'm good! But for this look, I placed this all over the ENTIRE eye, from lid to brow.

 This next two colors are called "Truffle"(Top), and "Complicated" (Bottom). They are both ULTA brand eye shadows. I placed both colors in the crease, first the brown, then the pink on top, just to soften it. The crease is where, if you close your eyes, you should be able to see where the lid ends and the eyebrow bone begins. Put a brush to that line, open your eyes and you should have your crease!

I finished off the look with Maybelline Eyestudio gel eye liner in "Blackest Black", and then used the "Falsies" mascara which, I believe, is also by Maybelline.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first look. Don't worry, I'll get a little crazier next time! <3


  1. I love a nice natural and do you like the tattoo gel I love falsies mascara

  2. nice!

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