Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Shine So Bright.....

Hi Everybodyyyyy!!
 How is everyone doing today happy and healthy I hope???
I am good honestly I am enjoying my 4/20  Holiday, and if yes today is the best holiday of  the year for to me. I also did my makeup today so I will share  that with you first before I show of my beautiful shiny nubbins....

I used Red Hot Topic Brand for the inside, Coastal Scents Cellini Yellow pigment for the middle and a Green from the 88 Shimmer Palette from Coastal Scents. 
I am very surprised at how my 4/20 Rastafarian Makeup Look came out.
I tried to google some makeup looks inspired by 4/20 but google came up with nothing :(
So hopefully I can inspire some more make-up looks for Rastafarian and  4/20.

On today's super shiny mani...

                        O.P.I Crown Me Already over Sinful Colors Out of This World


All No Flash
OoOoOooOhhHhHHh Flash make it so Shiny....

More with No Flash

I am enjoying keeping shorties so much!!!!
I also really loved my super blingy mani and my beautiful makeup job I did today.
What do ya'll think??


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I have NO talent for makeup, so I'm especially jealous of those of you who can do things like this and NOT look like a circus clown. :::bows:::

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  3. I enjoy the stars from the universe from your nails! Looks amazing!