Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Secret Plop Swap 2012 and Some Mails...

 I am sooooo excited  to share my Spring Secret Plop Swap with you my followers and some other little mails I got today!!!!
Sooo, One of the facebook polish groups did a Secret Santa Swap and I was soooo jealous and wanted to participate and then proceeded to learn that there were arrangements being made for a Spring one.
I had to join so I did and my Secret Reciever was Jolean and first I will Share with you what I sent her.
She made this little picture collage of everything

The outside of the box!
 OhOhhOhhhh Pink Paper!!! I Love Pink!!!
 I wasn't able to shoot it all wrapped up because I made a video unwrapping everything and I cannot for my life upload it!!!
 AHHHH Precision Tip Q-tips omg omg YES, believe it Im excited I have been looking everywhere and now I have some omg omg ahhhh
 Im so excited for Nail Stickers especially stars I love stars and the flowers are super cute!!
 This smells soooo good! I cannot wait to use it after my bath.
 Blue and Pretty Sparkle Loofa
 Pink Camo Nail Strips
I can't wait to try these!!!
Yayyyy I needed a new Lemon Drop Eos my nubby was getting low 
A Black Makeup Bag filled with lovely samples I flippen love samples!!
Ohhhh Nommy I have to eat gluten free bcause  I have Celiac's Disease and don't get to eat all the nommy goodness of wheat and flour
 So this was wrapped and bubblewrapped and wrapped and bubblewrapped then wrapped and bubblewrapped some more and I love it I now have We'll Always Have Paris Suede the last to my Suede Collection
 Zoya Mira she is a beautiful purple
 Wet n Wild Spoiled Use Protection
 As Gold as it Gets
I can't wait to use this polish
Oxidized Aqua Crackle
 Wet N Wild Kaleidascope
I am so excited I think I wanna franken with some of this
Gold Crackle!!!
 The whole Shebang!!
Thank You so much Michelle H. for all my exciting goodies I cannot  wait to get polishing and play with my Goodies

 Glamour Base to make a couple frankens 
 Marissa S. sent me a beautiful green liner with my toki doki liners that I got with my 10$ birthday certificate from Chelsea at Pretty and Polished
Blue and Purple Toki Doki Glitter Liners
Thank You Chelsea I love my birthday gift I cant wait for fun liner 
and also big Thank You to Marissa for letting me hop on your sephora order


  1. Awesome!!!
    The designer liner look great!!

    I eat gluten free too, but I live in France, and here, it's almost impossible finding special foods in stores

    1. OMG Its like that here to in the states a few girls got together and ordered me some things from a website called Vitacost and over a certain amount is fee shipping if you want more info I can get you an invite email so you can get 10$ off of your purchase

  2. LOL, I'm Celiac too!
    But I'm from Brazil ;)
    Love your swap!

    1. Thank you Francini I would give anything for a big wheat and flour filled cheeseburger and I know you feel my pain as well as you tytynette

  3. Yay, I am so glad you love everything!!! :)