Monday, March 12, 2012


I am so excited to share this with ya'll today!!!
I signed up for Influenster a few months ago and was picked to recieve the Love VoxBox and basically the Influenster VoxBox is a site where you earn badges and then eventually you will be picked to recieve a VoxBox!!

So this is what I opened my VoxBox to see it was Jammed full of goodies

 Includes a description card of whats inside
 I have been seeing this brand of tea around my local grocery store but it's so hard to commit to a specific flavor of tea and so I was beyond excited to try some of their flavors from what I read they have over 250 tea blends and all are caffeine and calorie free
 Ohhhh my goddddd I love Chocolate and have high standards when it comes to satisfying that chocolaty craving and this bad boy right here sets the bar for all my tastebuds it was sooo smooth and creamy needless to say this chocolate bar lasted about a day after I recieved my box
 Truvia Calorie Free Sweetener I am not a big artificial sweetener person but it's calorie free and you can't beat that when sweetening your tea or coffee
 OMG I will never use a different brand of razor again!!! This razor left my legs geeling silky smooth and I have suuuper sensitive skin when it comes to aloe strips and stuff like that I usually breakout well not only are my legs soooo smooth, I haven't broke out so cool beans
I haven't played with these yet but I am kind of excited  to try them out hopefully I will be successful
All my goodies on full display

I really liked all these products they are things I would use on a day to day basis especially the Chocolate and the Razor I definantly need to get refills for that!!! Ummm, Stash Tea  I like some tea's so this will be good!! Now about the Kiss Nail Thingys I have not been to successful with others so maybe these will be different!!

Thank You Influenster for picking me!!
If you would like to sign up and earn your badges to recieve your VoxBox go here

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