Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am sooo behind on posting my nail mails and my collection is ever growing I also have tons of polishes waiting for me in Boston and Capecod  O.O Ohmyyyyy freaking lanta I am so excited but this is what I have recieved lately I hope you ladies enjoy all my Nail Mails and Birthday NailsMails 
Thank You everyone 

N.O.P.I. No Limits Matte and Whimsical
My Deborah Lippmanns Today was A Fairytale and Across the Universe from the GMA 50% off sale I ordered with my love bunches Chelsea at PrettyanPolished
I also orderd Frankening Supplies to play around wiTH
Birthday Nail Mail Part Beauty  from Marissa and my Polish Girlfriend Heather
Cinderella Cha Cha Cha Red Hello Kitty Sparkle Blue Iguana and Show Together and yummy lip glosses
Birtday NailMail Part Hello Kitty I flippen love Hello Kitty so much O.O
I was in the car fighting my life away to contain my screams I say OMG I WANNA SCREEEAM
Zae says "Please Dont"
and last but not least Birthday Nail Mail from my Polish Mommy Lori OMG OMG OMG I love this so mch Funky Fingers Teal Scales Stila Face Tint Julep Hand SPF DS Bold Mint Eos and the cutest card evvvver

AHHHH This is some amazing Nail Mails and I also have tons of other things waiting for me O.O
Thank You so much for all my Birthday Nailmails and everything you ladies did so well I loved everything 


  1. Hpbday Jenni baby!!!!!!!!

  2. oooh you lucky girl youuuu!!! that was some awesome nail mail & i'm sure it made for a very happy birthday!!! =)