Monday, February 20, 2012

My Adventure In Stamping and A Stash Shot

So I wanted to try some stamping today so I did, from far away the mani is cute and it's even cute enough to leave on for a couple days. I used For Audrey as the base, FingerPaints Black Expressionism for the cheetah stamp, and OPI Pink Friday for the pink dots. the topcoat smeared  the black a little but for my first real attempt Im over all really pleased!!!
I hope you enjoy

 My bottle is a little messy lol...

My Stash 


  1. I just ordered a huge stamping plate that has 42 images on it. Can't wait to start! Love the color and the stash ;)

  2. very cute colors for the print! nice job with the stamping!

  3. I love the non-traditional colors for your manicure!

  4. Love the colour combo of your mani & Your stash looks fun :D