Monday, December 12, 2011

Zae The Godd Spam Sorry Ladies

So you ladies know I love my favorite rapper Zae The Godd So I hope you will enjoy and watch some of his videos and click on some of his links and show him some love 
I appreciate all your support and appreciation for my blog and can only hope some of you will show him the same love!!!

Zae the Godd performing for A & R's at Laced Boston

 This is some behind the scenes footage for his upcoming video

 A little freestyling on Mass ave

If you ladies would like to follow Zae the Godd's journey you can go to his blog
Like His Facebook

and please don't forget to follow him on twitter
(this one really counts please)

You thought I was just gonna leave with all Zae and no Nail Polish??
What kinda polish blogger would I be.....  

 China Glaze He's Going In Circles with a Nubar Reclaim Accent Nail
some nail mail to from Heather my polish gf <3
Chunky Blue Punkin China Glaze Fault Line Crushed Candy and Cracked Concrete Crackles 
Cran & Berry
So this makes our 8th Suede Baby me and heather have together and she has 4 I believe and I have have 4 and she also had 2 more waiting for me to be sent


  1. i love this color combo and i love the socks! i got a pair just like them from my secret santa i def gotta get my hands on these polishes tho!

  2. Thank you Jossie <3

    and Tamira I know I love me some greens lol